My Christmas Card to You

My Christmas Card to You

Happy Holidays to You – Whatever You Celebrate!

I have received so many holiday cards this year! I can’t believe how blessed we are. We are really feeling the love! But today I want to tell you how much I appreciate you coming here and reading my blog posts every day.

This blog is more than just me typing my thoughts.  It’s an interaction between me and my reader friends.  And if I could send a card to everyone of you there wouldn’t be enough.

So today, I just want this post to be about you!  I appreciate you all so very much.  So in the spirit of the holidays, in appreciation for everything you have done…

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays.  Joyeux Noel and Peace

And if Christmas isn’t the Holiday you celebrate, I wish you the best holiday season ever – filled with love and happiness and pure joy.

This video by Andrea Bocelli is one of my favorite Christmas videos.

Hope you enjoy it!


Merry Christmas to all you wonderful blog readers who fire up your computers and check out whatever it is that I come up with that day.

I appreciate your comments every time a new blog is posted.  I appreciate your thoughts and observations and input into this little blog dialog.  You are the readers who inspire me to write every day and I so appreciate you!

Thank you for making 2018 a fantastic year!

2019 is going to be even better!  I know it!

I’d love to hear what your life is going to look like in 2019 and what you have planned so I can cheer you on.  Please comment below.  What are you wishing for in your life in 2019, and what about it makes you a little nervous?

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  My wish for you: Bright stars, joyous songs and warm chats by stone fireplaces.

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