Network Marketing Really Works if You Want it To

Network Marketing Really Works if You Want it To

Network Marketing Really Works if You Want it To

Some people say Network Marketing works for anyone.

And yes, there is definitely some truth to that, but the truth is it works better for some than for others.  Many people will not be successful at all.

There are many reasons for this.  So here’s what it takes to really be successful:

1. You need desire. 

If you really want Network Marketing to work for you, there is a better chance that it will.
If you dream big and are willing to do the work necessary, Network Marketing can work for you.  Although there is no guarantee, just having at least one solid reason to be successful can hold you over until you find that success.  Can you find at least one?

2. You need to develop and maintain a good attitude. 

Network Marketing is a little like riding a roller coaster.  There are ups and downs.  The better able you are to develop and maintain a good attitude, even when it’s not working the way you want it to, the more likely you’ll be successful.
So much of what you do and who you become is controlled by your mental attitude.

For example, you may think that you would be embarrassed to tell family and friends that you are involved in Network Marketing.  Or you may think that only the people who get in at the beginning make any money in this industry.

I know for a fact that is not true.  I had a great job and didn’t need the income but I sort of found out accidentally that Network Marketing is the only profession that truly pays you what you’re worth.

It doesn’t matter how much education you have, or what color your skin is.  In fact the computer that creates your paycheck doesn’t even know those things.  All it knows is how much you and your team produced this week – and that’s what you’re paid on.

3. You need a solid belief system.

If you believe in yourself, your product or service, and your opportunity, Network Marketing can work for you.

The people who fail in this profession are generally people who fail at most things in life.  That’s because they have poor self-esteem and they tend to blame everyone or everything without taking personal responsibility themselves.

It is true that your income follows your personal growth.  If you really believe that you can do this and believe in your product and company, you’ll have the ability to demonstrate that belief to other people.

That’s ultimately what people are looking for when they decide to join you and your business.

4. You need to start thinking as a business owner rather than an employee. 

You are no longer trading dollars for time.  This is a wonderful benefit of having your own business, but in the beginning you will be spending more time to build your business than the amount of money you’re bringing in.  But if you just hang in there, those will switch and eventually you’ll be spending less time earning more money!

Most days you are not accountable to anyone for your business.  Except for the initial training from the people in your upline, it is not likely that you’ll get a call from your superior who’s going to tell you what to do, when to do it or how to do it.

When you become a Network Marketer, you are the boss.  You set your own schedule and you decide what you will do and how you will do it.  Do you want to make phone calls today?  Or mail out DVDs?  Do you want to work at your desk or out on the patio?  Will you work in your PJs or get dressed up.

So the big question is, Can you handle that?  Because this isn’t a job, you’ll likely fail if you treat it as one.  Network Marketing will work for you if you treat it like a business, and not a hobby.  You must be self-directed and disciplined.  Lots of work has to be done, and you’ll need to do it without being told what to do.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. SUCCESS IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. The sad thing is most people won’t DO what it takes to get there. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and groomed to succeed from the time you were born, you are going to have to do it the way most of us have, by working as hard on yourself as you do on your business.

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