Never Judge a Prospect

Never Judge a Prospect

Never Judge a Prospect

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”  Nowhere is this more true than in your MLM / Network Marketing home business.

Have you ever sponsored someone into your business and they’re all excited and tell you they’re going to “explode” this business?  They have a whole list of people they “know” will join them.  They get you excited, but then they sort of fizzle out and never do anything.  So what happened?

I’ve also had people who have met with me, barely said a word, looked at me the entire presentation with that “deer in the headlights” look, and then went out there and really did explode their business in their first 30 days!

It Does No Good to Judge Anyone!

I’ve had many people join me in my business, and I’ve had a wide variety of the above types of people and everywhere in between.  And guess what!  Every time I try to pick which one will do well in their business, I end up dead wrong!

You see… it’s nearly impossible to know who will do great in their business.

It really depends on their why…  Why do they want it, how bad do they want it, and how hard are they willing to work to make it happen!  All of this is completely out of your control.

Spend Your Time on Those Activities Over Which You Have Control Of. 

And the best way to do that is to sort.  It is your job to get them to the presentation.  Once they’ve taken a look at your opportunity, it is their choice whether to join or not, and once they join, it is up to them to get started or not.   Of course you’ll be there to help them as they go.

So concentrate on the sorting process.  You get them to the presentation, and then get them to tell you Yes, No or Maybe.  Then you can take it from there, based on their decision.

Talk to everyone you know… those from your church, the parents at your children’s school, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, accountants, stay at home moms… and continue building the list from there.

Don’t Judge Anyone Based on Their Income Status or Their Profession. 

You may meet someone who is making lots of money in a killer job, but the truth is they want to be home with their children – you just never know.

Inside each of us is a dream that is waiting for someone to wake up and help them bring it to life.  You never know whom you can unlock from life’s miseries and struggles, and whom you can empower by believing in them enough to present them with this amazing opportunity.

You just worry about offering it to them.  Let them decide if it’s right for them or not.  Once you open the doors, you have no idea who you’re letting in and what potential they have to build a massive organization.  And won’t it be wonderful to be able to be there to see their life change!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Prospect as though you believe everyone is at least interested. They would be, if they knew what you knew… wouldn’t they?


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Never Judge a Prospect

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