Present Your Content In Different Formats

Present Your Content In Different Formats

Present Your Content In Different Formats

While your audience has a lot in common, portions of your audience like to consume content in different ways.

The main reason is that everyone has a different learning style.

Some people prefer text, some audio, others video, and many prefer a combination of formats to fully understand the subject matter.

Visual learners prefer graphic ways of learning information, while aural learners like to hear the information. Yet others prefer reading and writing the words that they need to learn. While many really need to learn by experiencing the material in a hands-on way.

Of course, the audience needs to be interested in the material first.

No amount of reformatting is going to make someone interested in the material if it’s not right for them.

For example, if your audience wants to learn about meal planning, but you put up information about plastic surgery – no matter what format you put it in, they simply aren’t going to be interested in it.

Therefore, understand that while the format is important and you should present your content in different formats to get the attention of more segments of your audience, first make sure the information you are providing is what your audience wants to know.

Start the Content in the Obvious Format

Each piece of content that you create needs to first be created in the format that makes the most sense for the type of information.

For example, some information automatically presents itself better with videos, such as cooking demos or physical product demonstrations.

Translate the Content into Other Formats

Once you’ve fully created the content in the easiest format that helps the customer learn and understand the material, such as video demos, you can then transfer the content into other mediums.

For example, you can turn a video demo into a blog post with still images for each step of the process.

Check the Metrics of Each Format

Once you publish the material in more than one format, take the time to check the metrics periodically because you may discover surprising information.

You may discover that your audience prefers the second way you created the content over the first so-called obvious way.

Create Persuasive Content

Outside of format, it’s important that your content is persuasive and pulls at the emotional strings of your audience so that they take the actions you want them to take through their buying journey.

Their learning preferences will need to be taken into account as you choose the formats of the content you want to promote in order to ensure that you are indeed persuasive.

The truth is, the more formats you can put your content in, the better for you and for your audience.

Each time you develop a piece of content, decide in advance the different formats you’ll produce it in to ensure all members of your audience that are interested in the material can understand it.

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By Lynn Huber

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