Prospecting Using A Spiral Notebook System

Prospecting Using A Spiral Notebook System

I’ve talked elsewhere in this blog about an online contact system I use.  But if you aren’t ready to go with a paid system yet, here’s an effective way to do it using pen and paper.

You’ll want to be sure to get all the pertinent information you can about each of your prospects such as name, phone, email, when is the best time to call, etc.  This plan will give you pretty good results, and if you want better results, just double the plan.

1.  Buy a Spiral Notebook.  Number the lines on the first several pages up to number 200.  Divide the pages into columns for Name / Phone / Date Called / Interested in Joining / Join Date / Maybe Later / Not Interested / Referral.

2.  Write the names of everyone you know.  This will be your starting point, or master list.  Be sure to list everyone, not just those who you think might be interested in joining your business.  The more names you write down, the more you’ll be able to think of more names.  Start with your friends and relatives, neighbors, people you work with, etc.  Even if you think they wouldn’t be interested, write down their name.  The secret number is 200. Keep working until you get to that number.  Go through the yellow pages and think of whom you know that’s an attorney, barber, etc.  Trust me; this will be very worth all the time you spend on it because this is what is going to launch your business.

3.  Add 5 new names every week.  In order for your prospect list to be effective, this step is crucial.  This can be new people who you meet as you go about your day, or they could be referrals, or even more people who come to mind.

4.  Take a separate sheet of paper and select 10 names from your list.  These will be the 10 people you think would be the best prospects from those on your list.  Calling those 10 names will be your assignment for the following week.  If you have it setup prior to the beginning of the week, you’ll already know what you’re going to do this week.  That makes it pretty easy, and most everyone can call 10 people within a week!

5.  Here’s what you’re going to say:  Hi Mary, this is Lynn.  My business is going great!  I am having a meeting about it next Tuesday and I’d like you to attend!  Or maybe you could say:  Hi Mary, this is Lynn.  My business is going great!  I’d like to show you what I’m doing.  When can we get together (or on the phone) so I can show you a quick video?

6.  Never try to persuade them.  Just invite them with enthusiasm and confidence.  If they ask questions, tell them all their questions will be answered at the meeting or on the video.  Remember, this is a sorting business, not a selling business.  You’re looking for those who are interested in finding out more about your business, not looking to convince people to look.

7.  If you really believe in your business, that belief will shine through.  You will automatically have the attitude that everyone is interested but some just don’t realize they are yet!  Work to maintain that confidence in your business even though you will receive some (maybe many) no’s and negative responses.  Work to develop a patient recruiting style that will allow the negative people to come around in their own time.  There are plenty of people ready to join you now!  Let the slow ones come in at their own pace.  And know that everyone will join your business at precisely the right moment for both them and your business.

8.  Each week make a new list of 10 to call.  The new list can include 7 who you have already called, but should have a t least 3 who you have not yet invited to take a look at your business.

As you continue to work this system, in just 10 weeks you will have invited 100 people to look at your business.  This plan will work as long as you maintain a positive attitude and are consistent.  It’s all in the numbers.  Keep working the numbers and you will achieve the success you want!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. I really believe you’ll do better with a digital way to manage your prospects over the long haul, but at least this will get you started.

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