A Prosperity Mindset Story About a Couple Who Sold a House

A Prosperity Mindset Story About a Couple Who Sold a House

A Prosperity Mindset Story About a Couple Who Sold a House

Knowing that what all successful people have in common is their prosperity mindset, I wanted to share another story with you.

I know that for me, it wasn’t until I started working on my mindset that I started finding the success I was looking for in my business.

Everything in your life is a direct result of the patterns of your thinking.

Today My Prosperity Story Is About My Friend Mary And Her Husband Joe

Mary and Joe decided they wanted a new house.

They spent some time talking about it and planning exactly what type of house they wanted and where it would be located.

And low and behold they found the perfect house.  It was in the neighborhood they wanted and at the price they wanted.

They didn’t need to sell their old house to purchase this one, so they had some discussion about what to do with their old house.

Selling it might be a problem, because in California the housing market was in a real slump.  They didn’t think they would be able to sell it for a fair price in the current market.

They thought about renting the house out, but ultimately decided they really didn’t want to be landlords.

Then They Realized That Their Mindset Wasn’t In The Right Place. 

They got the house they wanted didn’t they!  In fact it was a short sale so they even got it at an incredible price!

Of course, they could sell the old house and get what they wanted now.

So they had some discussion to figure out exactly what they wanted.

They knew that what they really wanted in their hearts was to sell the house for a fair price to someone who would love the house as much as they did.

And once they figured out exactly what they wanted, they knew the Universe would make it happen.

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Any time you find yourself asking yourself, “What can I do?” you are asking the wrong question.  The right question is “What is it that I want to do?”

The next morning Mary picked up the paper and there was a huge article on the front page all about the doom and gloom of the housing market.

She read the article and kept telling herself, “Nope, we’re going to sell the house at a fair price to someone who would love it as much as we do.

That night they went out to dinner with a few friends.

During the discussion of the night, they told their friends that they were going to sell their house.

The friends were negative and told them that they wouldn’t get what it was worth in the current housing market.

In fact, there were tons of houses for sale and nothing was moving.

By the end of the night, Mary and Joe were a little discouraged.  What were they thinking?… everyone was right – the current market would make it hard to sell their house.

Mary started getting thoughts in her head like maybe this isn’t the right time.  Maybe we’re being Pollyannaish thinking we can sell the house at this time…

But They Had to Get Back to That Prosperity Mindset

That night when they got home, Mary started to realize that they had let go of their lack mindset.

No, this couldn’t happen.  Of course, they could sell their house.

The universe would bring the perfect person who would love the house and would purchase it at a fair price if they just believed and let go of the how.

All they needed was one person who loved their house as they did.

So Mary and Joe talked about it and agreed that they needed to get their mindset back into prosperity, believe that it would happen, and it would.

It just takes one and what if that one is easy!

Then Things Began To Change

The next morning Joe went out to the mailbox to get the mail and ran into his neighbor, Carolyn.

Carolyn said she was sorry to hear that Mary and Joe were moving out.  This was such a great neighborhood and she really loved all the neighbors.

Joe told her he agreed – it was such a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors.

Does she know anyone who would love to live in this great neighborhood?

Carolyn thought about it and said, Yes I do.

My best friend is looking for a house, and she would love this neighborhood too.  And it’s got this great backyard that would be perfect for the kids!

Joe told her the house was going to be on the market next Monday and it would be great if she would tell her friend.

A couple of hours later when they were loading up the house in the moving trucks, Carolyn’s friend showed up and wanted to see the house.

Mary told her it was a mess since they were in the process of moving.

She said no problem, she understood and could look past that.

As she looked through the house, Mary could see that she was already mentally moving in, planning where she was going to put her couch, etc.

On Saturday, she called them and made an offer, before the house was even officially listed.

And so the house was sold to someone who loved the house as much as Mary and Joe did, and at a fair price.

That Prosperity Mindset Makes The Difference

If Joe didn’t have a prosperity mindset, the conversation with the neighbor would have gone a lot differently.

The neighbor would have told him that she would miss them, and he would have said something about the housing market and that he hopes that his house sells in this market.

She would have agreed that this was a tough time to sell a house, they might have talked about the economy for a few minutes. She would have said Good Luck, and that would have been the end of the conversation.

See How Your Mindset Makes All The Difference? 

If he weren’t in the prosperous mindset, he wouldn’t have expected that the neighbor would know someone and probably wouldn’t even have asked.

The fact is that it was a hard time to sell a house, and there were a lot of foreclosures in the market, but the truth is… it just takes one, and what if it is easy!

Don’t worry about the how, just declare what you want and believe it, and let the Universe provide it for you.

You get what you focus on.  Whatever your mind believes, that is what you will see.

Get your mindset straight and you’ll see whatever you need to have the best life ever!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Always ask yourself, “If I believed it was at least possible, what would I do?”


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A Prosperity Mindset Story About a Couple Who Sold a House

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