Randy Gage Mega-MLM Event – Day 1

Today was day 1 of Randy’s MLM Mega Event and it was incredible.

First off, I need to say that this event is being recorded and you’ll definitely want to purchase your own CD set as soon as they’re available.  Also this seminar is pretty high level training, so please talk with your upline if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.  These are just my notes and are not indicative of the whole training – again, please consider purchasing the CDs from Randy.

Definition of Leadership:  influence that causes people to act.

It’s easy to sell products, but it’s a little harder to create the growth in your Leadership team.  It starts with you modeling the behavior.  You should only be saying one of these sentences:

1.  This is what I did, do this…

2.  This is what I’m doing, do this…

Practice the principle of higher source – direct them to a 3rd party tool, making it be about the system, and not you.  If it’s about you, your business won’t last because it’s not duplicatable.  Always send your prospect to a tool – website, DVD, CD, etc.

Building slow and steady is generally better, and will last longer and make your team stronger than building fast.

Create expectations for your team members.  See the potential in them even before they can see it for themselves.


Every event needs to be based on the same basic principles.  Teach your people to have 3-4 people in their home, and then your new recruit will have the same home meeting in their own home with 3-4 people in attendance.

Formula for Duplication – a large group of people performing the same actions for a sustained period of time.

The next event is always the most important event until that one is over, and then the next event is the most important.  Events are what drive your business, and result in growth, rank advancements, etc.

Components of a Duplicatable System:

1.  Mass market prospecting tool – brochure, CD, DVD, etc.

2.  Standard presentation

3.  Presentation tool – DVD is good for beginners.  Edify the DVD, watch it, and then answer questions.

4.  Quantified Ladder of Escalation – prospecting pipeline, or the stages we bring people through.  Each event gets larger which brings social proof.

5.  Standardized Fast Start Training – basic information every new Distributor needs to know.

6.  Standardized Event Structure

Time Management

Set boundaries for yourself, i.e.  Set family time, date night with spouse, etc., and make that time a no business zone.

Schedule your week – especially important for new people.  If you only have 10-15 hours to work your business, make sure you’re doing things to grow your business during that time such as prospecting and talking with people.

Tipping Point

Certain milestones show the tipping point for your business.  For example, if you can get 100 Distributors to a major event, you know your business is pretty strong.  Create a culture of promoting events which will get your team “vested” in their business.

Deploy your leaders into other markets.  They will get more respect in a market outside of their own, and will be seen as more of an expert.

Training needs to be skewed according to your team.  Not everyone will be interested in leadership.  You don’t want to force leadership on someone who just wants a small business.  Love them where they’re at.  Make the distinction between the big business and the small business model.

Build locally first.  If you are a mid-level manager, you’ll need to spend 3-4 days per month working with your people in other markets.

When it comes time for you to travel to support your team, get to where you can fly first class asap.  Work your airline miles to their best advantage.  Try to stay with one airline to earn the most points.

Driving Lines vs. Building Lines

You can’t drive your business for long.  Instead, look for the spark of potential at any level of your team and pour gasoline on the spark.  Tell them to let you help them grow their business with 3-way calls, or “put your potential recruits in front of me and let me help”.  Use monthly counseling to know what’s going on in your business and where the sparks are.

Thoughts?  Please share below.  If you found this helpful, it would mean a lot to me if you would share on your social networks  🙂

By Lynn Huber

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