Randy Gage Mega-MLM Event – Day 2

Today was day 2 of Randy’s MLM Mega Event and it was incredible.

First off, I need to say that this event is being recorded and you’ll definitely want to purchase your own CD set as soon as they’re available.  Also this seminar is pretty high level training, so please talk with your upline if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.  These are just my notes and are not indicative of the whole training – again, please consider purchasing the CDs from Randy.

Your first responsibility is to achieve success yourself.  Your second responsibly is to help your team achieve success.

The harder you close somebody, the less they will duplicate.

Generally speaking, the school teacher will do better in Network Marketing than the Real Estate Professional, because our profession is a teaching and training business.

If you don’t invest in yourself, why would someone else invest in you?  Never do anything for your team that they can do for themselves.

Create a culture of integrity in your team.  You need to make the commitment that, “I will never lie to you, and I will never tell you something that is not in your best interest.”. Your team needs to know that without a doubt.

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Don’t let your people quit their day jobs too quickly.  Your day job is a big advantage because it gets you out of the house.  If you’re not making money, you’re spending money.  If you live out of your business too early, you won’t have the money to invest in your business.

Keep them working their business even if they’re making the same as their day job, but get them working 5 nights per week now.  This is where things begin to happen.  Get them to pay off their bills and become debt-free.  Put half back into the business and use the other half to pay off bills.

Once you double your income and are debt free, now you can give up your day job.

Here’s how to handle your expenses.  You can’t live off your bonus check.

Bonus.      10,000
Expense. –  2,500
Net.             7,500.    100%
Tithe.       –     750.      10%
Taxes.     –   2,625.     35%
Save.      –       750.     10%
Live on.       3,375.      45%


Bonus.      40,000
Expense. -10,000
Net.           30,000.    100%
Tithe.      –   3,000.      10%
Taxes.    – 10,500.      35%
Save.     –   4,500.       15%
Live on.    12,000.       40%


Bonus.       100,000
Expense.   – 15,000
Net.              85,000.    100%
Tithe.         –   8,500.       10%
Taxes.       –  29,750.      35%
Save.         –  17,000.      20%
Live on.        29,750.       35%


Hierarchy of selling the dream. (The order to start spending your money so team members can benefit from the dream)

1.  Better Clothes

2.  Jewelry

3.  Automobile (buy a statement car – such as Viper, Lamborghini, Bentley, etc.

4.  Fly First Class

5.  Home

6.  Yacht, Jet, etc.

Turning Hope into Belief:

Hope is what gets them into the business, belief is what keeps them in.  Our job is to be the merchant of hope for our team.  If we have high churn in our team, we need to do a better job of creating belief.

Get your new people earning $500/month ASAP.  We want that to cover:

1.  Their monthly product consumption

2.  Their Self-Development costs.

3.  Major Events

The belief that you’re trying to create is not in the company, the products, MLM – they already have that since they already joined.  We want them to have the belief that they can do this and it will work for them.

Never joke negatively about anyone on your team – ever!

Stay focused.  Don’t worry about what’s going on to your left or right.  Just keep looking forward.

7 Strategies to Turn Hope Into Belief

1.  Drive depth until someone takes it from you.  Maybe 20% of your team will work actively.

2.  Rotate the pattern.  Teach four skills:

1)  Ability to meet People

2). Ability to develop a candidate list

3). Ability to invite

4). Ability to follow-up

3.  Create a culture of Core

4.  Recognize, Celebrate, & Praise

5.  Tap Root – find that spark at the deepest level and throw gasoline on it.

6.  Create calendar campaigns – always work towards that next event.

7.  Give them something to lose.  Fear of loss is more compelling than the desire to gain.  I.e.  ” If you don’t get _____, someone else will get your cruise ticket”

In order to grow, we all need to get uncomfortable.  Dream Building is what allows us to get out of our comfort zone.

Affirmations work.  Subliminal CDs work.  Develop a Prosperity Map

Your current reality is the result of your vision.  Your vision comes from your core fundamental beliefs (usually formed by the time you are 6-7-8 years old.  Then you build beliefs according to what you allow yourself to be exposed to, such a TV, negativity, etc.

When our fears are greater than our dreams, we do nothing (we procrastinate), but when our dreams are greater than our fears we get into action.

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By Lynn Huber

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