Randy Gage Mega-MLM Event – Day 3

4 Basic Skill-sets Everyone Needs to Know

1.  Meeting People – when looking at top earners’ incomes, you’ll find that a majority of their income comes from people they met after they joined the business.

The difference between amateurs and professionals is that professionals develop the skill-set of meeting people.

Put yourself in situations where you share a common experience.  This makes it easier to talk with people.  For instance, if you’re wearing a jersey from a college, someone who also went to that college is more likely to start a conversation with you.  Or you can meet people who go to the same church, etc.

Sponsor your weakness

2.  Working a candidate list – even though your new person already has 5-6 people in mind to show the business to a, they still need to build that candidate list of 100 names.  Don’t let them tell you they don’t know that may people.  The average wedding has 500 guest and the average funeral has 250.  If you can get 250 to come when you’re dead, you should be able to get 100 while you’re alive!  🙂

Professionals have an organic candidate list.  It is always evolving and growing.

3.  Inviting – the most important skill.

Should be inviting to a 3rd party tool (CD, DVD, Magazine, etc).

Getting people in front of presentations

Conversational scripts help

Use passion, intensity and urgency!

4.  Follow-Up – ladder of escalation.  There needs to be an easy sequence to follow.  Each meeting moves into a larger meeting which offers social proof.


Three Advanced Skill-sets – Leadership Training

1.  People Skills – listening skills, empathy, understanding

Many people who come into the business have marriage problems – for lots of reasons.  Could be the additional time away from family, or the spouse can’t believe “he joined another one of those things!”, etc.

Need to do money counseling with your leadership people

Work on self-development – start a monthly self-development series

2.  Presenting

Starts with home meetings.  Practice, practice, practice presentations until you get really good at them.

Teach people how to open and close their presentation.

3.  Leadership – your job is to work yourself out of a job.  You start off being the Rock Star, but then groom your leaders to take that away from you.

Challenge your people.  Create expectations that will cause them to grow.  We want the, to stair-step wins along the way, but we also want them to have to really stretch as well.


Creating Culture

Every team within the team has their own culture.  Culture lets people know what to do and how to operate.

1.  Character – Integrity, work ethic… Guidelines for team to know that they should always do the right thing.  Your organization will self-police the culture if you do this right.  The people who don’t want to live with your culture will move on.  Create a culture that character is most important.  Also crate a culture of being debt-free.

2.  Professionalism – dress in business attire at business events.  Start on time and end on time.  Honor copyrights – it’s the right thing to do.

3.  Rank Advancement. Create a culture of always moving rank.  Model the behavior.  Your people need to see your name in the newsletter moving up in rank.

Spell out expectations in your Fast Start Training.  Talk about what the first rank is and how to get there.  Then recognize, celebrate & praise them when they get there.

4.  Product Usage & Belief – You must be in the habit of using your products regularly.  The question should NEVER be, “What’s the minimum product I need to buy?”  It should be, “What’s a good amount of product to buy to get the most value?”

5.  Self Development – That’s what makes MLM work and what keeps people in.  Structured self-development programs are good.  Include the basic Skill-sets in heavy rotation in your training.

6.  Events – Our business is built with events.

Home plan presentations are the most duplicable

Hotel Events – the next step

Major Events – everything builds to this.

All representatives need to help pay for the events.  Divide the room rental cost between the number of expected attendees.

7.  Structured Activity –

Daily method of operation – number of people to meet, number of presentations per day

Weekly method of operation – leadership updates/conference calls

Monthly method of operation – Events/Business Briefing, recognition, training, counseling

8.  Leadership – Teach your team to take the initiative.  For instance if you’re on the stage and it’s freezing in the room, one of your people should take the initiative to get the air conditioning turned down.  If someone in the room is acting unruly, take the initiative to take them outside and talk to them.  Recognize it when it happens in your team.  Train on it.

9.  Investing in the Business

Marketing Tools



Enough Inventory

If you don’t believe that investing in yourself is a good investment, then it’s probably not a good investment for me either.

10.  Make it fun – People have dead end jobs, bad bosses, etc.  Give them some fun in this business.



  1. Not everyone is a leader.
  2. If you ask everyone to lead, no one will

Don’t put Leadership on everyone in your team.  Some have no intention of ever being a leader and you’ll scare them away.  Instead, get to know your team and know who is interested and has potential and who does not.  Work with them.

If you cultivate leadership in your team, you may get 10% who will step into leadership.  On the street (where you haven’t been cultivating it) the number is less than 5% of people would be in leadership.

You need to know your team.  Who are the leaders and who are the followers.  90% of your team will be customers, retailers and weekend warriors (hobbyists).


Note:  I have not included everything Randy taught in these notes.  You will want to get his CD recordings to get it all.  I was at the event and yet I still ordered the CDs.  Do yourself a favor – it you really want to be successful, these CDs will really help you and can make the difference.

Thoughts?  Please share below.  If you found this helpful, it would mean a lot to me if you would share on your social networks  🙂

By Lynn Huber

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