Is it Really All About the Money?

Is it Really All About the Money?

Is it Really All About the Money?

You got into a network marketing business and you’re really excited – you’re going to be RICH!  Yes, pretty exciting, right!  With time and effort, you can have anything you desire.

But there will come a day when you pretty much have everything you want and it becomes so much more than just the money.

People have different beliefs about tithing, but it is my belief that you should start tithing right away, even if you’re not making much money yet.

Tithing is a spiritual law that goes back thousands of years, and basically it means giving back to wherever you get your spiritual sustenance – be that your church, temple, mosque, or synagogue.  The word comes from Latin and means tenth, which is why many churches say you should give 10%

Prosperity is all about circulation.  Everything is in motion, including your money.  You have to keep it moving.  When you give by choice, you bring about many of the other laws, including the law of giving and receiving… and you will receive back more than you ever gave.

You never know how it will come back.  Most likely it will be more money, but it could also be a reconciliation with an estranged loved one, a healing, a new friend… or a multitude of other ways.

By giving freely, you change something in your mindset.  You become the person who gives rather than the one who doesn’t have anything.  Your mindset is the most important – it is what will cause you to succeed or not succeed, because your mindset is what helps manifest that success in your life.

Even during our poorest times, Richard and I always gave.  In the beginning we didn’t give much – but as our income grew, we were able to give so much more.

We found organizations that we believe in such as our local Battered Women’s Shelter, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which helps children from all around the world.  We also give to KIVA, an organization that gives out small loans to borrowers around the world to help people start a business and become self-sufficient …and of course we give to our church!

This business truly has the power to not only set you free financially, but also make a dent in relieving suffering and uplifting humanity.

You have the ability to earn lots of money, but you also have the ability to impact as many lives as you can.  That’s what will make your life truly fulfilling!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  If money was no object, how would you use it to bless the world?  I’d love to hear your dreams.  Please share in the comments below!

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