RealSavvySuccess Event – Day 1

I know some of you have been waiting for my notes from this event.  Sorry it took so long but I literally hit the ground running.  It’s been crazy busy around here, but here are the notes from day 1.  I will post notes each day for the next few days to get them all out to you.

This was such an incredible event!  Many of my old friends were there and it was great to connect with them, but I also met so many new friends and started great relationships with all of them!

Before I go any further though, I’d really encourage you to plan to attend the Los Angeles event coming up September 8-9-10.

Please don’t miss this next event!  I promise it will bring so many blessings to you – you don’t want to miss it!

OK, so here are my notes 🙂


Day 1 – Thursday, April 14, 2011


Afternoon Social Media Class –
Kimber King & Jodi Stott

You need a home page such as a Blog.  Get it all connected.

Different Social Media Sites –

Facebook is like your local coffee shop – you see people over and over again and build relationships with them.  It’s pretty easy going and laid back.

Twitter is like a cocktail party – quick conversation – snippets

YouTube is like Home Depot – People go there to learn how to do something

Google (search engine) is like the library.  People search for a topic, or whatever it is they are looking for

Your Blog/Website – this is your internet home/store front and should be the hub of your marketing.


10 Facebook Etiquette Rules:

1- Don’t SPAM – no business links on someone’s wall – EVER!  Their FB profile is their home.

2- Don’t Cold Call – Warm up your friend requests – look for common connections, likes, mutual friends, etc, and start building the relationship with your friend request.

3- Limit your “business” posts on your profile page – 90% of people are there to “socialize”

4- Don’t be negative or dramatic – that could cause people to “unfriend” you

5- Don’t make it all about you – Give to Get!

6- Don’t use someone’s wall to send a more private message or content.  Send a message instead.

7- Use caution with sharing “cutesy” and “gaming” applications.  Some don’t like them and will block you.

8- Keep your wall TIDY – delete spam and unquestionable posts.

9- Branch out and comments on other’s walls – be encouraging and stand out from the rest.

10- Use a photo of YOU – it is FACEbook after all.  Don’t use profile pictures of a cat or dog, or even a logo – use your own photo.


Facebook Rules for BUSINESS Pages

1- Business Pages are FREE and setup as your FREEDOM in sharing about your company and product.

2- Once you have invited a person to LIKE your business page, they have now “Opted-in” to learn all about your business/product.

3- Post as much as you want on your Business Page with a goal to “engage” your audience to play on your wall and share your page with others.


Engaging on Facebook

1- Ask questions, opinions, fun stuff

2- Don’t be BORING!

3- Comment as much on other’s walls as you would like on yours – give to get!

4- Don’t leave anyone hanging on your post.  i.e. Post something and then never respond back to them – make them feel valued and important.

5- Be an encourager/cheerleader

6- Do Contests/Drawings on your Business page


Bonus Tips


Make it fun and interesting – Keep it as short as possible

Make them want to click on your website to find out more!

Create Curiosity!


Evening Session

Josephine Gross

Women are the glue in the organization

Women are considered the 51% minority

They’re in charge of more than half of the global wealth

For every 100 men, 133 women graduate from college

Every day, 400 women in the U.S. start a business – twice the rate as men

Most poor people in the world are women.


Types of women:

1- Alpha Female – 8% – These women feel financially in charge – they are risk tolerant

2- Perceptive Planner – 33% – Likes to study, plan and ask questions

3- Power Partner – 23% – Wants stability, accepts compromises, collaborative

4- Supportive Traditionalist – 8% – Hopes someone else will take care of finances

5- Uncertain Searcher – 16% – Fearful and ignorant about money, embarrassed to ask questions.


Network Marketing provides education and an empowerment community for women to learn about business, finances, leadership & personal growth!


Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz – Go For No

You must develop a more empowering definition of failure.  Failure is necessary – you go THRU failure on your way to success.  It’s not either/or.

Having “No” Goals is critical.  A “Yes” goal can limit you because once you reach your goal you tend to stop.

In terms of Presentations, quantity usually trumps quality.

Your reaction to yes and no should be of equal intensity.

No doesn’t mean never… No means NOT YET!

44% of people give up after 1 No

22% more give up after the 2nd No

14% more give up after the 3rd No

12% more give up after the 4th No

Which means that 92% of all people give up before getting a 5th No…

Yet 60% of all prospects say No four times before saying Yes!


Onyx Coale

The more you learn, the more you earn!

Ask yourself quality questions.  The quality of the questions you ask yourself determines the quality of the life you life – think in terms of “How can I help thousands of people?”

The single most important skill is the skill of inviting.  Speaking to two people each day will increase your skill.

There is no such thing as balance in your life – Get fully present – be 100% in whatever you are in.

Book suggestion – 45 Second Presentation that will Change Your Life

She talked about the DISC System of Personality styles and how to talk to different personalities.

Your life is defined by the person on your right and the person on your left.

When you meet someone:

–  Get their business card

– Compliment them – use your smile!

– Listen to them and their needs

– Put a little seed on the table – something like, “My kids haven’t had antibiotics in 5 years”.   If they don’t ask about it, you don’t bring up your opportunity.

When they ask a question, answer it and then bring the conversation back to them.

Fold down the corner of their business card if you think they’ll be really good – call them within 24 hours.

When you call them back, reconnect with them first before going into your opportunity.

Helps to look them up on FaceBook and friend them.  Then you’ll get more information about their interests, etc.

Thoughts?  Please share below.  If you found this helpful, it would mean a lot to me if you would share on your social networks  🙂

By Lynn Huber

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