RealSavvySuccess Event – Day 2

This was such an incredible event!  Many of my old friends were there and it was great to connect with them, but I also met so many new friends and started great relationships with all of them!

Before I go any further though, I’d really encourage you to plan to attend the Los Angeles event coming up September 8-9-10.

Please don’t miss this next event!  I promise it will bring so many blessings to you – you don’t want to miss it!

OK, so here are my notes 🙂


Day 2 – Friday, April 15, 2011


Donna Johnson

What we do makes a difference to others all around the world.

Be more bold to offer the business first instead of the product.

Accelerated wisdom – learning from someone who’s already been there.

Build it big but build it stable.

Always do the right thing the right way for the right reason

I’m growing leaders and I’m growing my future mentors.

If you really need to gossip, gossip about how great the person is.


Some barriers for women:

1- Mother’s guilt – grow your kids into amazing adults.  Our business gives us the opportunity to have no regrets!

2- We tend to try to be superwomen.  Let it go, let your kids do the cooking, or your family help with chores, etc.


Be laser focused and protect your greatness.  Surround yourself with people who respect your greatness, expect your greatness and protect your greatness.


How you do anything is how you do everything!


Dawn Billings (Heartlink)

Greatness is never an accident. It is a choice that you make a hundred times per day.

It is impossible to give more than you get.

H- Hang onto Hope

E- Enhance, Encourage & Edify those you meet

A- Appreciation & Accountability

R- Reach for the stars

T- Take action and take time seriously


Even during the worst times, do what you said you were going to do.


Mia Davies

Always qualify people for your time.  No more saving the world.  Invite people to apply to work with you!

Video is the single most powerful way to connect and communicate online.

Our Greatest Fear…

It’s not Failure

It’s not Rejection




So you play small


It’s time to Play a Bigger Game!

This will require you to be extraordinary

Embrace your humanity and have compassion and patience with yourself and others

Shift your view (pain & pleasure)

Be afraid and do it anyways

Make it about others – contribution

You have an obligation…

YOU make up the rules of your game


Be Prepared and Set Yourself Up for Success

Listen for people’s greatness

Remember it’s NOT about your business

Never build your business alone

Surround yourself with the right people / get a mentor

Feed your heart, soul and mind daily

Practice gratitude, faith, compassion

Follow the action steps proven to work

Build up momentum over time


Todd Falcone

Greet everyone with a smile

Distraction is the biggest problem in our business.  We need action, not distraction.

How many people have you exposed your business to in the past 24 hours?  Double digits a day keep commission checks coming your way!

Decide – You need a firm decision if you want to be highly successful.

Get people talking about themselves.

Give yourself 5 years, 15 hours per week consistently


Dana Collins

Leadership is honed over time

Time + Volume = Leader

This business is built doing something every day even when it feels like it isn’t working.

Getting to significant income means having others responsible for volume.

Play Follow the Leader.  Your team is following you because you are following a leader.

You must be the #1 Distributor on your team – set the example

This business is bigger than anyone in this room has experienced.


Sue Cassidy

Keep a Warrior Spirit – No matter what attitude.


The cycle of commitment:


Doubt (What did I do?)

Denial (They won’t miss me.  It doesn’t matter)

Quit or Recommit


Your ideal self – Clean the slate.  Get rid of all that stuff.

Change is uncomfortable.  Growth is not easy, but it will get easier.

Journaling helps you get the stuff out of our head.


Jackie Ulmer

It’s not about your timing; it’s about your prospect’s timing.

Don’t avoid your chicken list.

Don’t be too scripted – just concentrate on having a conversation.

80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact, so follow-up is crucial!


Chris Gross

95% of all new Network Marketers are gone within 12 months.

The reason people join is the same reason they quit – transfer of belief.

The sponsor transfers belief to the prospect, but when the prospect gets home the spouse transfers negative beliefs to them.


Thoughts?  Please share below.  If you found this helpful, it would mean a lot to me if you would share on your social networks  🙂

By Lynn Huber

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