RealSavvySuccess Event – Day 3

This was such an incredible event!  Many of my old friends were there and it was great to connect with them, but I also met so many new friends and started great relationships with all of them!

Before I go any further though, I’d really encourage you to plan to attend the Los Angeles event coming up September 8-9-10.

Please don’t miss this next event!  I promise it will bring so many blessings to you – you don’t want to miss it!

OK, so here are my notes 🙂


Day 3 – Saturday, April 16, 2011


Donna Valdes

Imagine a circle with two arrows – one going into the circle and one going out from the circle.  The circle is your dream.

Everything you do either gives to or takes away from your dream, so be careful about what you do!


Sarah Robbins

Watch what comes out of your mouth.  The words you speak become the truth.

You need to make a decision that you’re all in – no matter what!

When you believe in yourself, others will believe and follow you.

Learn to be a great storyteller.

Your job is to be the bus driver.  You keep driving the route – you are not responsible for who gets on or off the bus – you just keep driving the bus.

Don’t deviate from your mission – you determine your destiny.

It only takes a few phenomenal people to help you build a huge team.

Look for successful people – think like a CEO.

Develop your Belief:

– Belief in yourself that you have what it takes

– Belief in this profession

– Belief in your company


Margie Aliprandi

This is a journey – it’s about who you become in the process.

Decide what you really want.  There is power in a truly committed decision.  When you make that decision, you cut off any other possibility.

Then solidify your decision – write it – speak it – act on it!

Your beliefs become the glasses that you see the world through.

If you’re not getting what you want, ask yourself what you’re really looking for.

Craft a compelling vision – when you visualize, you generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now.

Massive activity solves virtually all problems.

Persist in Gratitude – if you want to attract more into your life, be immensely grateful for all you currently have.


Julie Anne Jones

The ABC’s of Success

A- Attitude

B- Belief

C- Choice


3 Rules for a fulfilling life:

1- If something works, don’t fix it.

2- Once you know what works, do more of it.

3- It if doesn’t work, don’t do it again… do something different


Successful people are making choices.  They don’t let circumstances define what happens to them.


Are you a Creator or a Reactor?

Reactors have shame & blame:

– others

– the event or situation

– themselves

What happens, happened.  You can’t change that.  What matters is how you respond to it.


If it’s important enough to you, you will find a way – if not, you will find an excuse.


4 Step System for Success –

1- Mindset

2- Systems

3- Action

4- Accountability


Sanaz Hooman

Set promises rather than goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never know when you get there.

People don’t know what they don’t know

MLM is the last chance for the average person to earn an above average income and live an above average lifestyle


Advantages of MLM –

– low overhead

– low investment

– own hours

– work from home

Disadvantages of MLM –

– low overhead

– low investment

– own hours

– work from home


Entrepreneurs fall into 8 categories:

1- Lotto Group – got into MLM because of hype; bought a lottery, not a business; false promises (I’ll build it for you): Investment

2- Weekend Wonders – Looking good, but spending more on suits than on education; don’t attend trainings; willing to do anything to make a million even though it might take all weekend; no duplication; jump from company to company

3- Slave Driver – Expect upline to do all the work; Expecting “welfare check”; wants hot-shot placements; constantly asking upline for leads and sign ups; wants upline to do all the work.

4- Social Group – Friendly; seeking social contacts; friends first, money is second; never miss an event, but never bring a guest; no prospects; helps at every meeting.

5- Some timer – This group is the largest segment of our workforce.  They think they’re part-time; No plan of action; easily distracted; don’t have a serious business plan; business is done when convenient; business takes a back seat.

6- Part timers – They almost have it right.  Can see the opportunity; will become serious or full-time; will earn consistent income; committed to most success principles

7- Part-time Serious – This group has it right.  Have a serious business plan; they put in 20+ hours a week on their business; totally motivated to be successful; understand the human element to our business; will reach significant income and on their way to full-time

8- Full-time – They have a serious business plan and promise list; committed for at least 5 years; work 40+ hours per week; understand the human element to our business.


Paula Pritchard

Other people’s opinions are irrelevant.

Fall in love with the process – not the results.

There are 2 ways to make money:

1- Show the business

2- Show the products

No is a requirement – you are going to hear NO.

Numbers are required.

Urgency is everything!  Building slow is painful




Intro – I’ve only got a minute

Want – talk about their wants

Lock-in – were you serious or were you just kidding around

Close – I think I can help you have it.  I can’t get into it now, but when can we get together.

Indirect: Who do you know?

Presentation –

Follow-up – What more information do you need to make a decision?

Sign-up – Be prepared.  Have an application on hand.  Plan a strategy session within the first 48 hours.  Get them started right away – into action within the first 21 days.


Only 1% of the population can be in business for themselves without a supervisor.

Your success is not how many times you are on the stage, but how many times your people are on the stage.

Go out and sponsor 20 new people and you’ll have a different business and you will be a different person.


Tom Challan

Talk – Send – Enroll



A- People you know

B- People you don’t know – generate leads; go direct; buy leads

Send them to:

– online movie

– webinar

– conference call

– lead with the product

– local presentation

– DVD/Tools

– Home Party


As a customer, business partner, or both.


The #1 Thing – learned from a Billionaire – 90% of people don’t do it.

#1 – Recruit

#2 – Recruit

#3 – Recruit

Do this 80% of your time!


Lead by example – you should be enrolling 2-4 per week.

It’s not the time you spend in your business; it’s the results that matter.

Become extraordinarily good at getting your people to the next training event!


Diane Hochman

If you would only do that which you already know how to do… things would be different.

Look for people who are looking for you.


Janine Avila

7 Habits of Highly Respected Women

1- Integrity.  Keep yourself above reproach

2- Develop a “That’s Good” mindset

3- Know your limits

4- Take credit when credit is due

5- Stand your ground

6- Take care of yourself

7- Learn how to make money

Work this business like your life depends on it – because it does!


Lisa Jimenez

Boldness gets rewarded

Everything on this planet is created twice – once in the mind and then in the physical.

Create your dream.  Get so detailed – what are you seeing, smelling, hearing.  Watch the video in your mind over and over again.  It will give you inspired action.


“I am” statements.  Keep saying them even if you don’t believe them – that’s the self work you have to do.

Fear is my green light to go.

Failure and rejection are success.

Stand for greatness (I will follow you and bring you back.  I’m taking a stand for you!)

When you think of rich people, you must think of yourself – how else will you be rich.  Remember, everything is created twice.

I am the leader others need me to be.

I give myself permission (to be successful, happy, wealthy, etc).

Money is not evil.  Money makes you more of who you already are.

You’ve been called for just a time as this.


Cultivate your faith:

– Belief in YOU

– Belief in your dream

– Belief in your destiny


Your words create your world – I am here at the RSS event because I am meant to be – say it and believe it!


Thoughts?  Please share below.  If you found this helpful, it would mean a lot to me if you would share on your social networks  🙂

By Lynn Huber

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