Recycle Your Social Media Content

Recycle Your Social Media Content

Recycle Your Social Media Content

I am committed to writing new blog posts every day and making frequent daily posts on social media.  It’s not always easy to find new social media content.

On those days when I’m too busy to write something new or struggling to come up with something to write, recycling social media content is a great alternative.

Your content shouldn’t be seen as having a limited shelf life.

Informative, engaging content can be repurposed, repositioned, and reused.

Articles inspire topics for e-newsletters, Facebook posts are shared across the social networking space, and blog posts are often quoted in news articles.

Good content lives on long after it has first been published.

Here Are Some Ideas I Use To Recycle My Social Media Content:

I go back through my Facebook notes to find a really awesome post and share it again. 

A how-to article or Tips article works best for this.

I would also suggest you choose a post from at least 2-3 months ago or longer.

That will take a post from a long time ago and republish it right to the top of your newsfeed now.

People will see it, have the opportunity to comment, and even to share it if they’re so inclined.

I also go back through my blog posts and pick out a good one. 

Then I can share that one again to all my social media sites.

Or even easier, I can click on the little share buttons from my blog post and be done in seconds.

I go through my blog and Facebook stats to see which posts had the most engagement. 

Those are also great posts to recycle.

If they got great engagement then, they probably will again.

Turn one of your posts into an infographic.

Yes, it will be the same social media content but presented in a totally different format.

Check out piktochart to create your own.

Benefits Of Recycling Your Social Media Content

Just because you publish a great blog post, it doesn’t mean that your Facebook fans saw it, your Twitter followers read it or your e-mail newsletter subscribers noticed it.

Not all of your customers are connected to your brand in the same way.

They can choose to receive information from you at one or a variety of content touch points.

Also, keep in mind that Facebook uses an algorithm called Edge Rank which determines how many people actually see your post.

The truth is that most people do not see every piece of content you post.  So recycling the content gives you a better chance of getting that content seen.

Creativity Is The Key Here

You don’t have to knock your head against the wall to come up with original content every single week, day, or month.

If you have been active online for a while, you should have plenty of material on which to build different types of social media content; while remaining fresh and relevant.

Also, be sure to post your social media content on as many different platforms as possible to get the most reach.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Content shared on social media is short-lived. Be creative and think about the different ways you can position the content and give it a second life. Chances are many of your fans will be seeing it for the first time.


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Recycle Your Social Media Content

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