Residual Income And What It Can Do For You

Residual Income And What It Can Do For You

Residual Income And What It Can Do For You

We’ve talked about the difference between Linear and Residual Income.  I hope that really got you thinking.

The best thing about Network Marketing and the residual income it provides is that many companies will continue to pay you even after you quit working.  You then have the option to sell your business, or turn it over or will it to your children.  That residual income will continue to pay your heirs long after you have passed on.

I am living proof of Residual Income and what it can do.  Richard and I made the decision to walk away from our Avon business 8 years ago (something I do NOT suggest you even consider).

During the 6 years we were gone, Avon continued to deposit our earnings every two weeks into my bank account.  Even though I never touched my Avon business during that entire 6 years, I continued to receive earnings every two weeks, like clockwork.

That was the dumbest decision I ever made, and my reasons are not important here.  I am now back with Avon, and have been building my business again to higher and higher levels.  But without Residual Income, I would not have received that pay for all those years. ❤️

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want some residual income?  I can’t imagine any possible reason not to go after this.

And if you are interested, doesn’t it stand to reason that other people would be interested in this too?  Some of them will decide to join you in your business – that is providing you’ve made the decision to make this work for you.

Look around before making the decision which company to join.  Look at what they offer and be sure you’re choosing a reputable company that offers true residual income.

Two very important factors that every legitimate company should offer are:

  • A real long-term opportunity to earn significant money, including residual income that continues even after you are gone.
  • An opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki defines wealth as the amount of time you could last if you quit your job today. When your assets–and the money they bring in–reach the level that you could last indefinitely after leaving your job, then you are wealthy enough to retire. Building residual income, also known as passive income, is one way to accelerate how quickly you reach that level of wealth.

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