Get Rich Quick!

Get Rich Quick!Have you heard this today?  I bet you’ve already heard it several times.  We receive this message so many times in our email, or blasted to us on TV and radio, that we’ve become numb to the message.

But, it is possible to Get Rich Quick, though probably not in the way you think.  The way to true abundance is gratitude – count your blessings.

What?  You have no blessings?  I bet you do if you look more closely.

Love –

Maybe you’re not comfortable with the word “love” used in everyday life.  But I bet you have people who are a blessing in your life.  We have family, friends, and maybe even a love for humanity in general.  At the very least you probably have warm feelings and a deep sense of wishing the best for those closest to you.  This feeling that many call “love” is the fountain from which all other blessings flow.

Your job, vocation or profession –

Even though there may be days that you dread the ringing of the alarm clock, and you have to drag yourself out of bed to face another day of going to work and dealing with work-type issues, having somewhere to go or a way to make money is a blessing.

Many people do not even have a job, much less a vocation or profession.  Even if your job isn’t ideal, look beyond all the problems associated with it and see the opportunity to make a difference in some way.  You may not be able to change your job or the people you work with, but you do have the ability to change yourself and how you react to them.  This is your opportunity to practice patience and tolerance, and maybe even some of your positive attitude will rub off on them.

Focus on the positive –

The French hypnotist Emile Coue said, “Day by day in every way, I am getting better and better.”  It’s a wonderful quote to keep in mind when you find yourself slipping into negative thinking.  You always find more of what you’re focused on, so it’s important to keep focused on the positive.  Sometimes our subconscious mind will grab onto a negative thought and refuse to let it go. You want to keep “changing the station” to positive thoughts to help you find more of the same.  It may be hard in the beginning, but will get easier over time.

The next time you are feeling sad and find yourself getting ready to throw yourself a pity-party, or are overwhelmed with your bills, just remember: Get Rich Quick! Count Your Blessings!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  There is so much in life I can’t control.  But this is my life and I’ve decided to be happy.  I can choose to be happy regardless of my other circumstances.  It’s not “when I get a promotion, I’ll be happy…” or “when I can speak in front of a small group of people, I’ll be happy…”  The focus should be on learning to be happy now.  Tap into your inner peace and contentment in the way that works best for you.

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