Say YES To Your Opportunity - Give It The Green Light And Believ

Say YES To Your Opportunity – Give It The Green Light And Believe It!

Say YES to Your Opportunity!

Robert Schuller wrote a book called Power Thoughts. In that book he talks about, What one thing would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I LOVE this and it so applies to our business!

He says to write it down in capital letters, even if it seems odd to you or you think it’s something you couldn’t achieve. Let your imagination run wild.

Then take a look at what you have written down. Just by writing it down, do you know what you’ve created? Do you know what’s staring at you right in the face right now?

It’s Opportunity with a capital O!

That’s opportunity you’re looking at. That’s an open door right in front of you!

Through that door is where you dreams can come true. Through that door you can find success!

You can bet Walt Disney wrote down Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He saw that clear as day! He didn’t have any idea about how he was going to do it but he wrote it down. And he probably wrote it down in capital letters. 🙂

Then he said YES to it!

Those are the first two really big and important steps.

Think of what you would love, write it down in capital letters, and say YES to it – give it the green light.

Walt Disney said YES to Disneyland too and nobody else believed it could happen. But he believed in himself, and by believing in himself he gave himself the green light.

Don’t wait for somebody else to give you the green light, or circumstances or situations… give yourself the green light.

So as Robert Schuller writes, Give yourself the green light. Look at your paper in front of you. Look at your dream… and write one more word under it. Make the letters bold! Three little letters with one huge positive response…


Say YES to the possibility, and that one YES will put you through the O that is the Opportunity and into the dream you’ve written down.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. Most of the best things that ever happened to you–the best relationships you’ve been in, the best experiences you’ve experienced–happened to you because you said YES to something. Think about it… it might be worth spending a few minutes inspiring yourself into saying YES more often.

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