Secrets to MLM Success

Secrets to MLM Success

Secrets to MLM Success

In my friendships with many of the top Network Marketers, I have learned a few things about the secrets to MLM Success.  But the truth is… there is no secret!

I use the terms MLM, Network Marketing, and Direct Sales interchangeably.  Although there are some differences, they all depend on word-of-mouth marketing as the business model.

I have some tips that the big guys live by, and once you look at them you’ll see that it’s really nothing new.

But if you apply these “secrets” you too can achieve the MLM Success that you desire.

Action –

If you look around at everyone in network marketing you’ll find this is rare.  In fact, only about 5-10% of all network marketers take action on a regular basis.

This is very sad, given the fact that if you were to even perform a single task every single day, you will outperform the rest of the crowd.

Take an additional step each day and you will end up at the top.

This is the simplest thing to understand, but yet seems to be the hardest to perform.

Patience –

Of those who take action every day, many will do so for a couple of weeks or months and then give up when they don’t get the results they expect.

This is also a sad statistic in the MLM profession.

People tend to overestimate what they can accomplish in one year, and underestimate what they can do in five years.

But it has been said that MLM is a 3-5 year plan.

The top network marketers you see today are there because of the work they did three years ago.

Sure, you see them working now, and what they did yesterday, but that wasn’t quite what brought them the success.

They reached the top because they stayed patient and maintained taking action to get that success today.

Consistency –

Without patience, consistency cannot exist.  With consistency, MLM success can’t exist either.

The top Network Marketers all have a daily game plan.  They work their business EVERY DAY!

What do you have to do every single day to get you to where you want to be?

If you blog inconsistently, people will likely not come back because they are not sure you will have something new.

Also, Google spiders will not visit your site as frequently and your Google ranking will suffer as a result of inconsistency.

Having a daily game plan ensures that you will attain success.

The more action you take every single day, the more results you will see.

Focus –

Without focus, you will not have the consistency you need.

The best network marketers are the ones who are the most focused.

They make a plan and stick to it.  They don’t let that next bright, shiny object take them off course.

The only “big thing” that will guarantee your success is YOU!

To achieve success focus on learning the skills to build your business, and focus on increasing the value that you provide to others.

Have a System –

All of the successful Network Marketers out there have a system to help them build their business.

The best system is one that attracts leads, builds relationships with those leads, and then sells those leads to join their business.  One that is very easy to use and runs automatically once it is set up.

Very few people will join your business on the first contact.

It takes time to build a relationship before they will trust you enough to be interested in what you have to offer.

Each Of These Steps Is Crucial To Your MLM Success 

Take the time to set up a plan to incorporate all of these into your business plan and get busy putting them into effect.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. If you apply these “secrets” you too can achieve the MLM Success that you desire.


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Secrets to MLM Success

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