Sell Your Products

Sell Your ProductsIn order to make money in this business, you and your team members need to sell products. Without sales, there is no money to be made for anyone. But don’t let that scare you – sales is a lot easier than you think.

First off, know your products and be your own best customer. Do this by replacing everything in your home that competes with your product line. If you know and love the products, it will be a piece of cake to sell them.

Be enthusiastic and sincere. Build trust with your customer. Then when you tell them that this product has done a great job for you, that’s all they need to know. Your enthusiasm will be what gets them excited.

Start with a list of everyone you know. This is really your most powerful tool! Family, friends, co-workers, church, organizations, former co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, and everyone else is an option. Carry a notepad with you to add to your list as you think of and meet new people.

Contact each person on your list and tell them about your new business. Remember, it is not your job to convince them to buy. It is only your job to tell them about your great new business and the products you are offering. Their job is to decide if it is something that interests them. Trust me, as you keep going, you will find enough people who are interested and you won’t have any need to convince anyone. It’s just a sorting process.

Tell stories about how others use your product and how happy they are with their results. People love stories and it will help them get excited. They aren’t interested in facts. Remember… Facts tell, Stories sell! What your customer really wants to know is “Does it Work?”, and “Will it work for me?” If you can answer those questions with a story, you’ll most likely make the sell. So when a potential customer asks about a product, your answer should be something like, “I’m not really sure what the ingredients are (or whatever they’re asking about), but when Sally used it her wrinkles were dramatically better within 3 days. And if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!”

Just keep talking to people, and you’ll start to see your business take off!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Differentiate yourself from the crowd. The benefit to an MLM business is that you get a ready-made product or service, marketing materials and support. However, you also get the same thing as the thousands of other distributors get. Your goal is to figure out how you can attract customers to buy from you instead of the other distributor down the street or online. You can do this by offering a higher level of service or setting up a reward program for loyal customers.

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  1. It is true to make money, you need to sell the products. If you return the products to Avon, Avon will deduct from your awarded sales.

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