Steps to Success in Network Marketing

Steps to Success in Network Marketing

Steps to Success in Network Marketing

For many people, MLM offers a way out without a big investment upfront, and it offers a huge potential for success if you work the system.

But it only works if you do. There Is No Magic Pill For MLM Success!

Here are my 10 Steps for Network Marketing Success:

1. Pick a Company with Products You’re Passionate About.

You should at least like the products you’re promoting.

You’ll want to find products that offer real value to customers.  That is to say, even if they want to pay retail for them rather than getting involved in the opportunity side of the company.

 2.  Find a Mentor That you Want to Work With.

 Network marketing is all about a team. You are only as strong as the people you have around you, especially your leaders and mentors. Certainly, their support is critical, especially when you’re just starting out.

Interview 3-5 Distributors from the company and choose the one you’re most comfortable with to be your upline and mentor.

You will want to pick one who is willing to help, someone with proven experience, and certainly, someone who has systems in place to assure your success.

Finding someone who is already successful is a wise choice. That is because they will be better equipped to help you reach that same success.

 3.  Establish Your Goals.

To begin with, you will want to set goals for the first week, first 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, one year, and five years.

And then, be specific, and write them down.  It’s important because goals give you direction, focus, and motivation.

 4.  Develop a Game Plan for Success.

 What are you going to do to reach your goals?  What steps will you take to acquire customers and build a team?  How much time will you spend on your business each week?

And then, schedule that time on the calendar.  A good plan will spell out what you will do each day, week, and month.

Most importantly, determine the critical tasks you will do every day to move your business forward.  Your upline will be a big help with this.

5.  Start Building Your List.

 You will want to start building your list from the very first day.

This is the inventory of everyone you know, everyone you ever met, and everyone you will ever talk to about your business.

Even if you have someone who you know is not interested right now, add them to your list anyway.

For sure, your list will be your greatest asset in your business.

There are many ways to keep your list.  For example, you can do this on a yellow pad or notebook, on index cards, or on a Rolodex.

You will also need an Auto Responder to stay in contact with your list via email.  Aweber is the autoresponder I use.  I love it because it is top-notch and professional, and they work hard to keep your emails in your prospects’ inboxes and not in their spam filters.

6.  Set up Your Own Blog.

 Your Blog will act as the central hub for all your marketing.

Certainly, if you are serious about building an MLM business online, this is not an option.  There’s a reason everyone’s doing it. It works!

This is where you will brand yourself as a leader, generate leads, and build a community.

Today the Internet is the easiest way to stay in touch with customers, which is a critical component of any business but maybe more so when it comes to Network Marketing.

If you’re wondering what to share with your customers just keep things simple; information about products, success stories, events in the area, cute pictures.  It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering but it does have to be consistent.  SiteGround is the web host I use.  They provide a high-quality blog platform and work hard to make sure your blog loads quickly which is very important to your success.

 7.  Start Learning.

 Like any business, you must be willing to learn the ropes.

Mentors can show you the way, but it is then up to you to follow what they have taught you.

You’ll need to become very good at generating leads, creating sales funnels, and building relationships with your prospects, customers, and team members.

This blog is one way to learn.  We will work to direct you to the training that will help you.  But be open to learning all you can for your success.

8.  Take Massive Action for Success.

 Network marketing isn’t some magic system that allows you to make money without effort.

Success will not happen if you don’t take the actions required for success.

It is vital that you work the time you committed to your business.

Be sure that you’re doing income-producing activities during your allotted time slots.

For example, these activities include prospecting, generating leads, follow-up, sales presentations, and team training.

Don’t fool yourself.  Network Marketing is hard work.

Get into action immediately, and be prepared to work consistently for 2-3 years.  Over time, your efforts will be grandly rewarded.

 9.  Fail, Learn, and Repeat.

 Success is really nothing more than a series of failures.  Every failure gives you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Your skills and mindset have to be developed, and this takes time.

Each failure takes you one step closer to your goals.

10.  Never Quit.

 There isn’t much difference between success and failure in MLM.

To be successful, you need to make the commitment to never quit.  Quitting is the only way you will fail in this profession.

Every top earner failed for several years before they found success.  It’s all part of paying your dues.

Final Tips For Success

 You’re going to need drive, determination, and hard work to achieve your network marketing goals.

After that, following the tips here should make you more confident about network marketing. As a result, you will be well on your way to the success you want and deserve.

It won’t happen overnight. But certainly, as long as you don’t ever quit, it will happen!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. It won’t happen overnight, but as long as you don’t ever quit, it will happen!


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Steps to Success in Network Marketing

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