Surrender To The Universe

Surrender To The Universe

Surrender To The Universe

Sometimes you just have to let go and surrender to the Universe, and then the Universe will provide.

Imagine yourself sitting in the garden on a lovely spring day.  You see birds and bees and butterflies merrily flitting about, when all of a sudden, the most beautiful butterfly in the world flutters by.  It’s so beautiful, you want it – even if just to look at it a little longer.

So you jump up, grab your butterfly net, try to sneak up on the butterfly.  He’s not having any of that, so you keep trying, and eventually, you’re chasing the butterfly around the garden.

But the more you chase it, the more it flies away from you.

It’s only when you stop trying so desperately, relax, breathe, and surrender your desire to the Universe that the butterfly of your dreams calmly comes and lands on your arm.


Surrender to what is.  Say “yes” to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you, rather than against you.  ~Eckhart Tolle

Give Up Your Desire to the Universe

When we want something so badly and are working so hard to achieve it, we could be pushing it away instead.

There comes a point when we have to give up our desires to the Universe.

That doesn’t mean that we give up or stop taking action.  But it does mean that we let go energetically, and create some space for what we want to come to us.

It’s about allowing instead of forcing.

It means releasing and trusting that if it’s in alignment with our life’s purpose, it will come back to us – or something even better will come in its place.

It’s like hiring someone to clean your house so you can focus on the other work you enjoy doing.

You show them what you want to be done.  You might even threaten them to be careful when dusting the ceramic vase that has been passed down from your great-grandmother, but then you let go and trust them to do the job.

If you’re consistently hovering over them, they’ll never get their work done and you’ll stay in that overwhelmed struggle preventing yourself from reaping the benefits that inspired you to hire a housekeeper in the first place.

What happens is that, regardless of our best intentions and hard work, we’re trying to control our circumstances by using our limiting beliefs and old patterns.

We think that we need to try and take charge of the situation (fear-based thinking) rather than having faith and gratitude and allowing the Universe to deliver (love-based thinking).

Surrendering isn’t about what you do, but who you’re being as you do it.

Your life is your party

You get to choose how you invite people and experiences and things into it –

If you’re totally broke, it’s not about working until you’re half dead to make ends meet, and then whining about your pathetic situation.

It’s about showing up every day with an excellent attitude, doing your best, leaning back, celebrating what is, and steadily working with the grateful expression and belief that the Universe is sending you exactly what you need to make the money you need to make.

Doubt is resistance, faith is surrender.

Worry is resistance, joy is surrender.

Control is resistance, allowing is surrender.

Ridicule is resistance, believing is surrender.

Energy Needs to Flow or Else it Stagnates

Surrendering puts you in the flow.

Not only does surrendering create the space to manifest your desires, but it opens you up to manifest good feeling experiences and things that are presently outside your realm of awareness (a.k.a. miracles).

When you’re moving into a new, awesome life that you’ve never lived before, you can’t expect to know how to get there.  It’s new territory, so you can only do that which you already know how to do and stay open to discovering the new how.

Likewise, you need to be open to the fact that you may not know exactly what your new reality will look like because you’ve never seen it before.  You’re only able to envision that which is already known to you, so the mind-bogglingly awesome new life may be out of your scope of imagination.  By holding on to the exact vision of what you want instead of surrendering, you set yourself up to miss out entirely on the very thing you’re looking for.

Here Are Some Ideas on How to Surrender to the Universe

  • Get crystal clear on what you desire to manifest.
  • See if, feel it, taste it, fall in love with it, believe it is already here.
  • Decide you will have it.
  • Inform the Universe of your intention by behaving and thinking as if you already have it.
  • Meditate, connect with infinite possibility, your intuition, and Source Energy.
  • Take full-on, joyful, passion-fueled action.
  • Be grateful that it’s yours because it’s already here.
  • Breathe, let go, and let it in.

When you believe that everything you desire already exists, you are in a natural state of surrender.

Surrendering is the free-falling backward into the unknown and trusting that the Universe will catch you.  And this can’t be done from a place of lack or a place of mistrust.

You have to give it all you’ve got and totally let it go, surrender to the Universe, have faith, be grateful, and wait…

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Love yourself, and the Motherlode shall bestow her magic upon you!


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Surrender To The Universe

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