Synergy – The Best Kept Secret

The Power of SynergyWhat is Synergy?  Synergy is the ability of a whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.  When two people come together, they can accomplish more together than each can by themselves.

Together, you and I have one relationship.  When we add people to our team, the number of relationships increase.  Then we have you and me, you and her, or me and her.  Add one more person and the synergy grows exponentially.  Now we have you and me, you and her, you and him, me and her, me and him, her and him, etc.

Have you noticed that when you go to an event where there are a lot of people in attendance, the excitement level dramatically increases – much more than if you  or even you and a small group of friends watch that event on TV.  Richard and I have seen this many times in our square dance groups.  We can have two squares on the floor (16 people) and we have fun, but change that to four squares on the floor (32 people) and we much more than double the excitement – it’s more like quadruple the excitement and everyone has so much more fun!

So what if you brought people together that had the same exciting vision or life changing idea?  What if those relationships were based on a commitment to the success of everyone in the team?  Can you imagine the power of that!

I invite 1 person to join our team and now we have 2.  If each of us invites one person, now we have 4.  If each of us invites one person, we now have 8, and then 16, and then 32, then 64, then 128, then 256, then 512, then 1024, then 2048, then 4096 and so on as so on!  Do you see how these numbers are increasing in huge numbers?  Each new number builds upon the previous one, up to the thousands and eventually into the millions.

The more you prospect, the more your name and vision gets known, the more you will recruit.  The more you recruit, the more you build synergy and the faster your team will grow.

Huge teams are built one person at a time and each individual person only has to do a small part of that.  If you and one other distributor duplicate yourselves each month, you would have a total of 11,392 distributors in your team at the end of 12 months– that is synergy – and that is what is so great about Network Marketing!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  The power of synergy expresses itself in a lot of wonderful ways. Whether you’re working with only one other person or with a group, it expands available possibilities by allowing us to achieve all sorts of things that weren’t possible by ourselves.  With synergy, 1 + 1 = 3!

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