Take Action Today in Your Business

Take Action Today in Your Business

Take Action Today in Your Business

By now you’ve surely heard of the Law of Attraction. But did you realize how important it is to take action?

The simplest way to define the Law of Attraction is:

Your thoughts dictate your reality.  Whatever you think about you attract into your life – whether you want to or not.

I know this may sound a little “out there” but it is based on logic.  Maybe you’ve seen the movie, “The Secret?”  This goes into more detail about what the Law of Attraction is, and how it works.

The underlying concept is that we are all part of the same consciousness or that we are all connected both to each other, all things in the world, and the whole universe.  You attract exactly what it is that you send out.

I’m not going to teach about the Law of Attraction here today.  To learn more, you can watch the movie.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the one thing that most people miss when trying to incorporate the Law of Attraction into their life or their business.

And that is to…

Take Action!

Manifestation is real, but it still requires you to take action towards your goals.

The person who sits back and expects everything to come to him might actually just be doing a lot of things right – he might be positive and focused on a goal.  But without taking action he doesn’t jump on the opportunity and so he doesn’t see the result.

So let’s look at a few examples of how taking action can manifest success:

Finding a Girlfriend

The non-action taker: wishes for his dream girl.  He visualizes the perfect girl with blonde hair, a stunning body, and a vibrant smile.  She is intelligent and social and she is friendly and interested in him.  He even focuses his mind on affirmations and hypnosis tools… But he isn’t the sort to approach a girl.  He’s a little shy.  He’s at a dance, and several beautiful blondes walk by and dance on the dance floor as he stands by.  He decides that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

The action-oriented manifestor:  He too puts in the mental practice.  He states his desire, writes some affirmations, puts a picture of his ideal girl on his vision board.  But this time, when the cute blonde walks by him in the street later that week, he sees the opportunity and stops to talk to her.  The Law of Attraction brought his manifestation into reality.  All he had to do was say, “hello!”

Living an Exotic Lifestyle

The non-action taker:  Goes backpacking to Thailand for two months, and is amazed at the beauty so different from his own country.  Look at the tropical jungles and the paradise beaches.  Over and over he thinks about what it would be like to live there, to find work or a way to travel for longer.  In the end, he runs out of money and knows that he “has to get back to his real life and his day job”.  He thought about it, but the universe didn’t bring his lifestyle to him.

The action-oriented manifestor:  Also in Thailand and dreaming of staying, the manifestor creates his own dreams into reality.  He actively talks with interest to everyone he can who is doing the same – the guy who was just passing through and has been working in a bar on the beach for four months, the scuba diver who learned to dive and never left.  From one conversation to another his passion is noted and he hears about an opportunity to manage a hotel guesthouse for four months.  Simply by talking to other people who were doing it, taking action that others wouldn’t think possible, he immersed himself in a new way of life and manifested it for himself too.

Can you see the difference?  One person only desires, wishes, or “mentally manifests”, the other does this, and uses it as inspiration to really go out and get what he wants.  Which person will you be?

So many people watch The Secret and get excited… but don’t take action.

The Law of Attraction often sounds so magical and mystical, and on one hand, it is.  If you follow its principles and follow it up with real proactive action in everyday life, it can help you to create your dream lifestyle and really put you in control of your own life.

But this Follow-Up is the Key. 

You HAVE to take action.

This is the difference between seeing your manifestations come to life or wondering what you did wrong.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Manifestation is real, but it still requires you to take action towards your goals.


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Take Action Today in Your Business

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Great post and really appreciated the examples you gave between the “mental manifestor” and the action oriented one. It really helped to see the difference and to see how it comes to life by taking action. This might be one of my favorite posts you have done, and you always provide such great content. Thank you for doing all you do and putting out such valuable information, and wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your blog and your podcasts very much! Best regards, Beth

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