Taking Responsibility for Someone Else's Success

Taking Responsibility for Someone Else’s Success

Taking Responsibility for Someone Else’s Success

Networking has always been about helping others.

It’s important to take responsibility for another person’s success by leading rather than herding. By leading, your success (and theirs) will come more quickly!

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but here’s some ideas about how I handle it.

When I start a new Distributor, I try to form a game plan with them. I’ll ask, “Where do you want to be?” and “What are you looking for in your home business?” Then we need to get six to ten customers, and interview six to ten people who might want to become partners in our business.

Then I’ll work with them, matching their efforts, to get that done. I generally try to not sponsor someone who isn’t committed to the business. I’m really looking for someone who is a product of the product and committed to achieve the results they desire.

If they’re really serious, I’ll be able to tell by their actions: they’ll show up to the opportunity and training meetings and calls, and will respond to me when I call them. Similar to a tennis match, when I hit the ball over the net, they’ll hit it back.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. Ultimately, you can’t be responsible for other people’s success or failure.  Some people will be wildly successful, and others will quit. That’s just part of the business. Your job is to be there and help them to the extent that they are willing to help themselves. The joy you’ll have when you see that successful person change their life will compensate for all of those that just didn’t give it the effort.

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