Talk to Everyone you Meet

Talk to Everyone you MeetEvery person you meet throughout the day can benefit from your business.  It is important that you offer your opportunity to everyone.

Let’s think about a story.  Imagine yourself a few years from now.  You go out to the mailbox and there is a huge check in there – in fact there is a huge check in that mailbox every week.  You turn around and look at your new beautiful house and at your beautiful new car in the driveway.  Everything is completely paid for and you are debt free.  What a glorious feeling!

So with a story like that, would you really be afraid to tell someone about your business opportunity?  Don’t you think you’d be doing someone a disservice by keeping it a secret?  This is what your business opportunity has to offer you and everyone you meet.  I know because I’m already living some of this and see a lot more of it coming in the very near future!

Be prepared to share the information about your business at all times.  Talk to everyone you meet!  If you are pressed for time and only have a minute or two, ask that person for a business card or get their information and say something like, “We’re both pressed for time right now, but I would love to call you and chat with you about something which you might be interested.  You seem like a candidate for what we’re doing.  Here   is my business card and I will call you later today.  I’m so glad we met!”

Or, even better, if your company publishes a CD or DVD, give them one and ask them to listen/watch it and you will call them to see what they thought.

It is not your responsibility to convince them about your opportunity.  It is your responsibility to know what you’re offering and what the benefits of that are, and then to offer it to everyone you meet.  They will either see the opportunity or they won’t.  That’s up to them.  But you did your part in offering it to them.  You will find the ones who are right for your opportunity.  Keep offering it to everyone and you will soon see your business really take off!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. Keep in mind when you’re talking with people that whatever they want to do is OK.  If they want to join your business that’s great!  If they are interested in being a customer, that’s great!  And if they’re not interested, that’s great too!  Your job is just to find out which one they are.

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