Team Leader – Do You Have What it Takes?

Team Leader – Do You Have What it Takes?In Network Marketing, we are working with a team of volunteers.  Each person on our team is responsible for their own business, their own goals, and their own motivation.  There is absolutely nothing we can do to convince someone to work their own business.

What you can do, however, once you find the intelligent, motivated team members who are right for your business, is work to develop their skills and coordinate their efforts.  To be successful, you’ll want to provide a climate in where your team members are encouraged to take responsibility for their business, find solutions to problems, and participate in their own successes.  Of course you’ll be there to help them along the way.

Here are some ways to help facilitate that:

• Help your team member develop a dream for their business.  Help them to understand how that relates to their business success, and to your team’s overall vision, and help keep them focused on achieving their dreams.

• Constantly work on communication with your team members.  Recognize that communication is a two-way street.  Be there to help support your team members and give ideas to help them in their business, but be open to hearing their struggles, thoughts, ideas, and dreams as well.  Work to balance the two.

• Take the time to identify each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and work with each of them to improve their performance.  Constantly encourage your team members to commit to lifelong learning, and offer resources that can help them grow as individuals and as team members.

• Work with each person to set goals for all areas of their business.  Be sure to include recruiting and sales goals and incorporate timelines according to their goals and the time they’re willing to invest.  Implement ways to identify how they are doing.

• Be sure to motivate and inspire your team members with recognition, praise and reward.  Build a climate of family and enthusiasm.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Want to be a great leader?  Concentrate on building leaders, not followers in your team. Strive to get your teammates up on stage.  And remember, the performance of your team is more important than your own.

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