Tell a Story

Tell a Story The best marketing you can do these days is share stories about people and products.

There is an old adage, Facts tell, Stories sell.

People don’t want to be sold.  But they will listen to your story and if you can tug at their heart or catch their attention, they will probably buy from you.

Storytelling has been around forever, but the way stories are told has changed throughout time.

The best stories are relevant to people from every age group and walk of life and are centered on something they can relate to.  The best stories include characters that people care about, along with a problem of some sort and, of course, a conclusion.

Here are some tips that will help you enhance your content:

Remember the Basics –

I know it seems obvious, but don’t forget the basic parts, the memorable characters, the problem, and the solution.  You want to catch their attention all the way through your story and provide them with answers at the end.

Learn from the Masters –

Study others in your industry and see what they’re doing.  Borrow what you can from their ideas and style.  These people are successful storytellers for a reason, so learn from them and apply them to your own content.

Consider Different Types of Media –

Storytelling comes in many forms – articles, books, movies, blog posts, videos, slideshows, and more.

Don’t be afraid to try different types of media – even go outside your comfort zone.

Examine Your Favorite Stories –

You favorite stories are your favorites for a reason.  Pull them apart and find out what you really like about them.

Is it the plot or the characters?  Does the story teach a lesson that you relate to?

Find a way to relate your findings to your own story.

Fascinate Your Audience –

It may not be easy to fascinate them, especially depending on your industry.  But work to help them remember your story and your brand.  Maybe include such topics as power, lust, alarm, trust, and prestige.  These will trigger emotions in your reader and help you be remembered.

Be Authentic –

People can tell if you’re being honest with them.  If you aren’t authentic, people will know.  While it’s OK to be enthusiastic, you don’t want to embellish your stories to the point of untruth.  That kind of attention won’t work long term.

Consider your Audience’s Interest –

Tell the story for your audience – that’s ultimately who the story is for.  Keep their interests in mind throughout the creative process.

Let Your Personality Shine Through –

Sometimes people are afraid of letting their personality show because they don’t want to be labeled.  But it’s all about relationships and connections with other people and the right people will be attracted to your personality.

Including something personal about you, your brand, or your business is what will be compelling and engaging.  Share your personality and individuality with your audience.

There are many ways to tell a memorable story.  The most important thing is to be true to your brand and tell a story that you are proud of and that can be repeated for many years to come.

The way we tell stories has changed throughout the years, but one thing will never change – everyone enjoys a great story!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Go tell a story – It’s how we humans communicate with each other best!

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