Tips To Overcome Overwhelm

Tips To Overcome Overwhelm

Tips To Overcome Overwhelm

The majority of the pain and suffering in our lives is caused by the unnecessary drama that we create.  Overwhelm is a side effect of this, and really all it takes is a shift in perception to create a new reality.

We are so unbelievably blessed to have all the things we have, all the opportunities and ideas and people and tasks and interests and experiences and responsibilities – freaking out about all that is such a waste of such a glorious gift.

Let’s look at the most common complaints of overwhelm:

There’s not enough time –

Truth is, time is an illusion.  We think we don’t have time to tidy up our desk, but we end up spending half an hour looking for our phone that was buried beneath a pile of papers.

When we’re forced to do something, suddenly the time is there.  This means it was there all along, but we’ve just chosen to limit ourselves by believing that it isn’t.  Have you ever noticed that if you have six months to do something it will take you six months to do it, but if you have a week, it’ll take you a week?

Once you understand that time, like the rest of our reality, is in our mind, we can make it work for us instead of being its slave.

Here are some things to help you control your time:

Show some Respect –

When you’re constantly late, if you blow things off or if you’re a flake – you’re not appreciating or valuing this precious time that you crave and are trying to create more of for yourself.

If you’re always late, start being early.  If you constantly cancel or flake, or forget your dates with people, get it together.  Write down your appointments and keep them.  Set your alarm on your cell phone to remind you to get ready…  Early.

If you want to have a good relationship with time, have a good relationship with time.  Not only will this help you create more time in your own life, but also you’ll stop being one of those who wastes everyone else’s.

Chunk it Down –

Don’t try to eat the whole elephant at once.  Break it down into bite-sized bits.

Our brains can only handle so much information at once without exploding, so by looking at each task separately, the larger task suddenly becomes more manageable.

Our brain loves chunks.

For example, if you’re working on designing a new website, instead of setting aside the entire day to work, decide that you’ll work in hour-long chunks.  During this time you are unauthorized to get up to use the bathroom, get something to eat, check your texts, go online, etc.

Once your sixty minutes are up, you can take a break and do whatever you want until your next sixty-minute chunk.

We can do anything for sixty minutes.  Our brains go into overwhelm when we try to do it all in one big block of time.

There’s too Much to Do –

Ever notice how whenever you ask someone how they’re doing, about 99 percent of the time they say something like, “Good. Really busy, but good.”  What kind of message does that send out to the world and ourselves?  No wonder we feel like we’re overwhelmed.

Watch Your Mouth –

Stop talking about how busy you are.  Focus on what you enjoy about what you do and the spaces in between the doing instead of feeling weighed down by it all.  Decide that you live an awesome, relaxed life full of interesting projects that you love doing and communicate that to the world and yourself.

Get Some Help –

If you’re feeling totally confused and disorganized and don’t know where to start or what to do next, get some outside perspective.  We tend to become so tangled up in our own lives that we can’t see something that’s totally obvious to someone else.  Find a new pair of eyeballs to take a look at the situation.

Be Realistic –

Sometimes we take on more than we can chew because we think we have to do it all.  Get really real with yourself.  Why are you doing all the things you’re doing?  It is absolutely necessary that you do it all?  Make a list of your tasks and prioritize them as far as what has to happen right away, what can wait, and what’s not really important.

You’ll probably never get it all done, but at least you got the most important things done.

Delegate –

Now is the time to stop being a control freak and hire someone (or delegate) to help you.

You absolutely cannot grow a strong business, be a wonderful parent, and have a perfect house, while doing it all yourself.

Figure out which tasks you hate doing or have always been bad at or just don’t have the time to do, and find someone else to do them.  In my circle, we have a saying, “Hire a wife!”  Why should you clean toilets when you can pay someone $10 an hour to do that while you can go out and earn $60 during that same time?

You might be thinking that you can’t afford to hire someone.

That may be true for now, but while your business is growing there are other ways to find help.

Get an intern from your local college.  Find a friend or family member to help you out.  Trade babysitting services with another mother for help.

Ask your husband to empty the dishwasher and get your teenager to clean out the garage so you’d have more time.

Help is all around us – sometimes receiving it is simply a matter of looking at it differently, or not giving up so easily.

When you think, “I can’t”, the Universe responds with, “Alrighty then, no assistance needed here, see you later.”

Stay open to the possibility of support presenting itself, even if you have no idea where it’s going to come from.

You may be surprised by what you can create and how much help you can get.

I’m Exhausted

Aside from being sick, making time to do the things that inspire you should also be a priority in your life.

After all, what’s the point of living life without them?  Where’s the fun in waking up at eighty-five and realizing you “couldn’t find the time” to enjoy yourself?

Fun is not a luxury reserved for people who are richer, smarter, or less bogged down than you are.  Fun is a luxury reserved for people who take the time to figure it out and choose to design a more fun-filled life.

Use these tools to make the time to get the rest you need and have the fun you want so you can enjoy your precious life while you’re still in possession of it.

Once you can focus more clearly and effectively on high-value activities in your business, you’ll find less stress, more success, and more money!

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. Once you can focus more clearly and effectively on high-value activities in your business, you’ll find less stress, more success, and more money!


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Tips To Overcome Overwhelm

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