Trapped in the Corporate Cubicle?

Trapped in the Corporate Cubicle?

It Doesn’t Have to be That Way!

There are few worse feelings in the world than being trapped inside a cubicle.  As you hit your snooze button over and over again in the morning, you are already dreading the boring day that lies ahead of you.

Why not wake up in the morning eager and wanting to work? I took the corporate route and I thought I loved it at the time.  But I didn’t realize what freedom really was until I left the corporate world. Removing yourself from the world of the cubicle is a daring feat, but the rewards are endless.

Have you felt that you were trapped?

Trapped in the corporate cubicle… trapped in a job you may not enjoy… trapped doing something that consumes your life and is not getting you any closer to your goals?

I had a great job!  I was Marketing Manager for a large food distributor.  I had grown my department from the ground up and could pretty much write my own ticket. I had a nice manager title, great benefits, great people I worked with…

…but I felt trapped.  I felt like the goals I really wanted in life were slipping away as I worked my tail off each week in my cubicle.  I worked 60-70 hours per week, commuted for 3 hours per day, and got 15 days vacation a year… not much time for myself and my dreams!

I had an aha-moment the day I shared my dream with one of my corporate mentors, who patted me on the shoulder and said, “The only security you will ever have in life is what you create for yourself.”

Reflecting on his powerful comment as I walked back to my cubicle, I understood that to achieve what I wanted long term, I had to prepare and condition myself mentally and emotionally, toughen up my belief and confidence, and bullet-proof my vision with the right skill sets and action steps for this new business and life direction.

So how do you escape the corporate cubicle?

It all starts with a desire like my mentor above.

Then it takes ACTION.

You actually have to make a plan to get yourself out of that Rat Race and follow up with it.

Here is a list of some of the things you should have on your  “Action Plan

 1.  Find an opportunity or business that you are going to start. 

Do your research and make sure that it is something you will enjoy doing, but not only that… something that actually makes money.  Too many people embark on opportunities because it sounds fun… but they soon find the financial rewards were not as great as they thought in the beginning.

Look at other successful people in that opportunity and find out what they are doing and how much they are making, and most importantly what they had to do to get there.  Not all opportunities are equal.  Pick one that is growing and will give you the opportunity to rise up with it.

2.  Create a business plan.

Be realistic with your goals and expectations.  You are in this for the long haul.  With a good opportunity it may take you a few years or more to get to the point where you can quit your job forever… but realize when you do, YOU ARE FREE!     So make a long-term business plan.  People who fail usually don’t have a business plan and they believe that success should be instant.

3.  Fill your mind with POSITIVE information and teachings.

Read, Think and Grow Rich, and As A Man Thinketh.  Listen to the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightengale, Denis Waitley, and Dale Carnegie to name a few.  Let them become your coaches and mentors.


Decide what you want to do and GO FOR IT!  Find the time in your life even if you are super busy.  Work on your new business during your lunch hour, early in the morning, late at night…  find the time.  You can do it because you know the rewards will be worth it.  A few years of time sacrifice will be worth it when you break out of the cubicle and live a life of freedom!

It is very possible to reach your goals and escape the Rat Race if you really want it.  Sure there will be bumps in the road and it may not always turn out exactly like you wanted and you may have to change courses a few times.

…but if you stay the course, work hard, and never quit… You will be rewarded.

Remember the day you walk away from your job and are carrying your box of personal items out to your car… not because you were fired or laid off…

…but because you QUIT!

(Don’t forget to have someone take pictures of you with your box of stuff as you walk to your car…it will be part of your story!)

If you are looking for a great opportunity that can help YOU escape the cubicle, watch the video below and see what I’m doing.

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And, if you already have a business you’re happy with, I will still cheer you on!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Get off the corporate treadmill and go experience life the way it should be. Entrepreneurship is your chance for freedom. Go out and explore each and every opportunity that comes your way. If you are trapped at a desk, you run the risk of missing out on all the beauty the world has to offer. If you want to live a happy life, you need to tie it to a goal and live your life the way it was meant to be lived!

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If you have something you want to accomplish, “Do or do not.” If you decide to choose “do”, then get started moving forward with the five steps and leave “trying” behind in the dust where it belongs. – See more at:
If you have something you want to accomplish, “Do or do not.” If you decide to choose “do”, then get started moving forward with the five steps and leave “trying” behind in the dust where it belongs. – See more at:
If you have something you want to accomplish, “Do or do not.” If you decide to choose “do”, then get started moving forward with the five steps and leave “trying” behind in the dust where it belongs. – See more at:

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