Understanding Network Marketing

Understanding Network MarketingAs you go out and talk with people, you may run into some that already have preconceived ideas about what Network Marketing really is.

Sometimes your job is to help them understand what exactly it is that you do.

Many times, once they understand it you can help them see the possibilities in their life.

There are many different perceptions that you sometimes have to overcome:

Some people believe that Network Marketing is an industry where a distributor gets involved in selling expensive stuff, and they don’t see themselves as being a sales person.  Of course you don’t have to be a sales person type to succeed in our profession.

Some people believe that they would have to hype products or income claims in order to succeed and most people don’t want to be a part of this type of “slimy” activity.  There’s really no reason to hype anyone.  In fact, that will actually hurt your business.

Some people are worried that they will have to bother all of their friends, neighbors and family – and who would want to invest in you when you already owe them money.  Although you’ll want to let your friends, neighbors, and family know what you’re doing you are definitely not going to pester them.  This would also be counter-productive.  Once they see your success, many will come to you wanting to do what you do.

Some people think they have to give up all their time and money to run their business and they’re not quite ready to do that.  Of course, this is also not required.  A business plan can help them make the best use of the time that they are willing to allocate to their business.

And some people are worried about Network Marketing being “shady” or a “pyramid scheme”.  Actually Network Marketing is not on trial any longer.  Some of the best universities teach classes on how to succeed in Network Marketing, and we have laws that ensure every company is run according to standards.

Network Marketing really is nothing more than a sharing and training business.

The best way I have heard to explain this is that if I give two people a deck of cards and tell them there are four aces in each deck.  Their job is to be the first one to find the four aces.  So how would you do that?  When you turn over the first card and see that it is a King, do you spend all your time trying to change it to an Ace?  No, of course not, you would just move on to the next card to see if it is an Ace.  In fact, you would keep turning the cards quickly, keeping your focus only on the ones which are already Aces so you can win the contest.  That is what Network Marketing is all about.  You share the opportunity with everyone you meet and look for the aces.  There is no need to convince everyone that they want to be in your business.

Spend your time with the ones who “raise their hands.”    Teach them to look for the aces and help them get their first few to get started.  Sharing with others and teaching others to do the same is pretty much all it takes to be successful!

When you start your business, make a commitment to yourself that you will still be here a year from now.  No matter what, you will not give up!  The only way to lose is to quit.  Success will be yours as long as you keep moving forward.

There are no secrets to succeeding in Network Marketing.  They are all in plain sight – you just have to look for them.  Want to advance?  Want to drive a free company car or go on a free luxurious vacation.  All of this is available with your own home business.   Just make the decision to go for it, and get to work and it’s yours!

Once you understand the huge financial opportunity you can make by earning a bonus type residual income rather than the standard method of trading time for cash to build someone else’s dream, you will never go back to working for someone else.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Even if it takes several years to learn how to effectively communicate and connect with people, once you do, you’re set for life no matter what you do!

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