Unleashing The Value of Your Email List

Unleashing The Value of Your Email List

Tips to Help You Make The Most Of Your Email List

A great subscriber email list is your ticket to impacting a great many people on a regular basis and earning the kind of long-term income you dream of.

Having your own list of customers and prospective customers means that you have the ability to get them to visit your website, or sales page practically on demand.  If you’re providing quality information in your email list, and providing awesome service on the backend, your readers will be back again and again.

In a prior blog post I talked about ways to build your email list.  Today I want to give you some advice on the best ways to utilize your list for the most impact.

Build a Solid Foundation for Your Business –

Your email list is something you control at all times.  You control when you send information to your readers, whether or not you continue to grow your list, what your relationship will be with your readers, and even how often you make offers.

The quality of your list is very important.  It is one of your most important business assets.  The quality of your list even determines the value of your business should you ever decide to sell it.

Understand That People Buy From Those They Know, Like and Trust –

In today’s world, people are being marketed to constantly.  It’s difficult to know who to trust and who not to.  This makes it more difficult for new businesses to find customers.  People are more willing to give up their email address than to make a purchase, especially if you offer them something they perceive as valuable.

This gives you the opportunity to gain their trust and build a relationship with them.  As you continue to build that relationship, they will be likely to purchase from you or join your team in the future.

A One-Time Customer can Turn into a Lifetime Customer –

The difference between a customer who buys from you one time and those who buy from you multiple times is often the amount of communication they receive from you after their initial purchase.

The better the communication from you, the more likely they are to trust you and like you.

But even if the customer had a great experience with you, maintaining communication with them will keep you “front of mind.”

It’s important to setup a system of ongoing follow-up emails to your customers.  This keeps the communication going with them, and lessens the chance that someone else will get their attention.

It’s Easier to Sell a Previous Customer –

It’s less expensive to keep a current customer than it is to find a new one.  Keeping communication lines open will make it easier to sell to them again and again.

Use List-Building to Grow Your Income –

When you have a list, you can get people to look at your special offers, and new products whenever you like.  All it takes is a simple email and you can literally make money with the press of a button.  The key is to be consistent.

Don’t Buy Leads –

Your list will be much more loyal to you if you build it organically.  If you buy a list, the readers won’t know you and will be more likely to consider what you send to them an intrusion and immediately delete your emails.  This also increases the risk of them blocking your email address, or reporting you as a spammer.

When you build your list yourself, you’re contacting people who have warmed up to you already and want to hear from you.

Advertising can be an effective way to grow your list though.  This is not buying leads.  Advertising can be targeted to the type of people who want your product or service, and once they’ve seen your ad, they have the option to opt-in or not.

Don’t Spam People –

I know it can be exciting to hear that all you have to do to make money is to send an email.  But be careful what you market to your list.

If you create a list promising that readers will get crockpot recipes, that doesn’t give you permission to sell something entirely different to them.  However, done properly, you can send out a daily or weekly crockpot recipe with an advertisement at the bottom.

The key is to be sure the email contains 90% value added content so that the reader is getting what they are expecting.  Then they won’t mind a little professionally done advertising at the bottom.

Don’t Put Off Building Your List –

This is crucial!  You might think you can put it off until you are more established, but that would be a big mistake!  Even if you don’t have very many names on your list, the important thing is to get started – NOW!

If you ask other established online marketers what their biggest regret is, many of them will tell you it’s that they didn’t start building their list sooner.  By waiting, you’re missing out on so much, and delaying your success unnecessarily.

Build Relationships First – Focus on Money Later –

Before you even think about making money, build relationships with your readers.  People opt into your list for a reason – to get something of value from you.  If all you do is sell, sell, sell, you’re at risk of irritating your readers and having them unsubscribe from your list.

If you build the relationship first, the money will come.

Be Consistent –

Another big mistake new online marketers do is they build a list and then don’t do much with it.  Not keeping in touch makes people forget you.  People are busy, and they have a lot going on in their lives.  They don’t remember what they opted in for.

If they haven’t heard from you for a long time, and then all of a sudden receive an email, they may forget they opted in, and will consider your email spam.  Don’t let this happen to you.

You need to keep in touch with your subscribers frequently.  How frequent depends on the nature of your business, and your list itself, but I recommend daily for most lists.

Building your list can be a fun and profitable experience.  Use the thoughts above as guidelines and you will have a much more responsive list.  …And a responsive list is worth gold in your business.

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By Lynn Huber

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