Up Until Now

You Can Never Outperform Your Self ImageThere are some very simple things that you can do right now that will absolutely open you all sorts of possibility.

These things were not easy for me to learn, and I’m still learning.  I had a lot of patterns that kept me stuck – patterns of thinking, patterns of responding – that got programmed into me, mostly by people who cared about me and wanted to protect me, and wanted to show me how the world worked.

But as I started working on my personal development, I decided I wanted to wake up.  I wanted to be more expansive.  I wanted to live a life of greater abundance.  But I had to learn to put some new patterns in the programs that I use to operate my life.

So one of those early programs I learned about was this – I could never outperform my own self image.  None of us can ever out perform our own self image.

So where does this self image come from?  It comes from the ways that we’ve learned about how the world works, who we think we are, what other people have said about us, and things that have happened… and we’ve formed this idea of what we’re capable of.

What if the idea of what you think you’re capable of is miniscule compared to what you are really capable of?  When I began to study this material, and these were the ideas that I was studying, I thought, “Well if what I think I’m capable of is miniscule compared to what I’m really able to do, how do I get my mind to see if differently?”

Emerson said, “Stand guard at the portal of your own mind.”  So what I learned is that there is a ton of possibility in me and in you.

When an idea pops into your mind, immediately your program is going to say, I can’t.  I don’t have… I haven’t done… I don’t have the money, the time… whatever it is.

Then you simply say this, “Up until now I haven’t been able to.”  “Up until now I’ve not been a person who could have lasting love.”  “Up until now I haven’t been a person who could really be financially free.”  “Up until now my business has not been successful.” “Up until now…”

And what happens is… as soon as you say, “Up until now…” your whole subconscious mind sits up on edge.  Now the captain is turning the ship.  Sometimes it takes seven miles to turn the ship like the Queen Mary, but if you turn that ship and you say, “Up until now… But now I am going to figure it out.  Now I am going to find a way.  Now I am.”

So those three words… “Up until now” and “Now I am” are powerful course changers.  They change the whole trajectory of your life and your business.  Give them a try in your life and your business.  And then share with us how it works for you.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  You will NEVER outperform your own self-image. Do you see yourself as a leader? A successful entrepreneur? Or, are you just someone who is half-committed to their cause?

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