Use Google Discover For More Google Traffic

Use Google Discover For More Google Traffic

Use Google Discover For More Google Traffic

Google Discover provides you with another way to get more Google Traffic.

Very few businesses and marketers use this resource.

It is similar to the feeds that you get with social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Usually, Google Discover is more popular with mobile users than desktop users.

It appears as a social feed on a mobile device just like a Facebook feed.

If your content appears here, then you can get a lot of Google traffic.

How Google Discover works

Mobile users will see Discover results below the search box in the Google app and the Chrome app for mobile devices.

The web pages presented appear in the form of cards.

You will see a list of cards similar to that of a social media newsfeed.

Each card represents a different topic.

When a user taps on any of the cards it will direct them to the webpage featured.

The stories listed by Google Discover are based on the search history of the user.

There is also the option to follow brands and individuals using Google Discover.

Google Discover Results on Google

Often there will be Google Discover results appearing on the first page of Google under “interesting finds.”

When a user clicks on any of the stories they will go straight to the webpage.

Users can also choose to view more stories, and this will take them to the Google Discover interface.

A Google user can then follow a specific topic as well as related topics.

Wouldn’t it be great if your webpages featured as stories in Google Discover?

Well, you can make that happen for additional Google traffic.

Another great thing about Google Discover is that it doesn’t just show the most recent stories as Google News does.

If your content is considered to be something that would interest Google users, then they are very likely to display it.

Google sees Discover as a content hub.

It allows users to follow topics that interest them in a similar way that you can by using the Explore feature on Instagram.

With Google Discover, users can be presented with content that Google feels they might like.

Why use Google Discover?

You should be using Discover because it has the potential to drive a lot of Google traffic to your website.

It will also help to establish your branding with Google due to the number of impressions that you are likely to get.

With greater brand recognition, you will find it easier to rank your web pages on Google.

Google has an algorithm that assesses your credibility and expertise, and this will help you to drive even more Google traffic.

Optimize for Google Discover

You can optimize your website for Google Discover.

This will not bring you instant Google traffic, but it should be a lot faster than using SEO.

Your traffic from Google Discover should build over time as long as you keep publishing high-quality content.

When you publish the content on your website, it is really important that you use high-quality related images.

Google Discover will use the images in the feed, and it will be the first thing that Google users will see.

Choose images for your content that you believe are going to generate clicks from users.

You need to research which topics regularly appear in Google Discover.

It is pointless creating a content masterpiece that has no chance of appearing in the Discover feed.

Google will tell you what their suggested topics are for Discover so create content around these topics.

Make your content better than content that is already appearing in the feed.

Think about your content being shared when you create it.

You want Google users to share the content that appears in Discover on social platforms and everywhere else.

This will get you a lot more exposure and some good backlinks as well.

The title of your content is very important.

Put your copywriting hat on and come up with titles that you know will entice clicks.

Always keep in mind that Google Discover is a social feed so use the same tactics that you would on Facebook and Instagram to draw attention to posts.

Use good keywords for your Google Discover content.

Go for keywords that get high levels of Google traffic.

Look at the keyword list that you generated from The Importance Of Keyword Research and identify those that have the most search volume.

Don’t think SEO here – with Google Discover it is all about keywords that are popular.

Look for More SEO training in upcoming posts.

Or, you can find the ones that have been published here.

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Use Google Discover For More Google Traffic

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