Using Fresh Content To Reconnect With Existing Customers

Using Fresh Content To Reconnect With Existing Customers

Using Fresh Content To Reconnect With Existing Customers

If you’ve been reading this series about content marketing and fear that you’ve let the ball drop in the past with your customers, no worries.

Even if you’ve let your email list wither for a year or more, it’s still worth it to try to get back in touch with them with fresh content to try to revive your relationship with your existing customers.

After all, they already purchased from you, all you need to do is remind them of your value.

Acknowledge Your Absence –

Drop your list an email about your absence.

Let them know some reason why and that you’re going to change it.

Let them know what to expect moving forward from being a member of your list.

Remind Them What They Bought from You –

Get personal with your list members.

Using the personalization technology available in your email marketing software, you can try to remind them about what they bought from you so that they remember how they got on the list and don’t mistakenly think you’re spamming them.

Develop a Re-Engagement Email Series –

A re-engagement series is a lot like a welcome series.

You’ll create four to seven emails that acknowledge you’ve been missing, tells them what they mean to you as customers, and offers to help them with using their purchase.

Offer a Valuable Freebie That Delivers Shock and Awe –

One way to get on their good side after you dropped the ball is to offer a freebie that you know they will love that feels uber generous and special.

For example, create a community and invite them to join it free for a limited time as someone who has purchased from you before.

Send Industry News and Information Regularly –

One way to get some information going to your list fast is to curate and share industry news and information with your email list of customers on a regular basis.

Be Ready to Get a Lot of Unsubscribes –

When you’ve been out of touch for a while, people really do forget about you.

They also move on and change what they want, and sometimes they end up not being a real member of your ideal audience anymore.

That’s okay, you don’t want anyone on your list unless they are your ideal customer.

Develop an Ongoing Email Marketing Plan –

To avoid the problems happening again, make email marketing a priority and create an ongoing email marketing plan based on your goals for your business and the problems you solve for your audience.

Write Emails in Batches and Schedule Them in Advance –

Always find more ways to work smart.

When you know what the deliverables are, you can set up the tasks in batches to save time and get more done.

Even if you lose most of the people who have subscribed due to letting the email list go quiet, don’t despair.

You can rebuild and do better.

Once you’ve gone through with the series to reconnect, make sure you put a focus on email marketing and staying in touch with all your customers in the future.

Creating lifetime customers who become brand ambassadors and advocates is an amazing way to build your business.

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. If you have something you want to accomplish, “Do or do not.” If you decide to choose “do”, then get started moving forward and leave “trying” behind in the dust where it belongs.


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