What Did You Do Today to Move Your Business Forward?

What Did You Do Today to Move Your Business Forward?Do you want to be hugely successful in your home business? Do you want to create the kind of wealth that will enable you to be, do, and have everything you want in your life?

The most important thing you can do to move your business forward is to be consistent. And sometimes this can also be the hardest. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when you do something 3 or 4 times and see no results. But now is not the time to give up! The fifth or sixth time might be the magic number to achieve the results you want.

So, let’s make a commitment to be consistent with your business for a minimum of two years. Make the commitment to yourself that you will spend a minimum of one hour per day for at least two years before you allow yourself to quit. Of course spending more time will help you achieve success that much more quickly, but if you make the commitment for at least one hour, it is something you know you can do. Then once that hour is complete, you’ll feel good about your success and may even want to do more!

What if you made a commitment to work your business one hour per day? You can achieve almost anything if you invest one hour per day.

  • If you practiced the piano every day for one hour, you could be quite the musician in two years.
  • If you spent one hour per day learning Spanish, I bet you could be quite fluent within two years.
  • And if you spent one hour per day on your network marketing business, you can build a solid business in two years

Just be sure to do something to move your business forward EVERY DAY. At the end of each day, look back and ask yourself, “What did I do today for my business?” How are you going to answer that question? Will the answer be that you prospected one hour today? Maybe you got three names and numbers as you went about your day? The real key is to keep your business “top of mind.” Even if you don’t have time to work your business today, I bet you could at least carry catalogs or flyers in your purse/briefcase and make it a point to give out three as you go about your day. How much difference do you think it would make to your business if you just made sure you didn’t go home until those three catalogs/flyers were given out?

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. So what did you do today to move your business forward?

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