Choosing the Company You Want to Work With

What To Look For When Choosing The Company You Want To Work With

What To Look For When Choosing The Company You Want To Work With

When looking to start a home business, you have so many choices. In fact, in Salt Lake City Utah, where I live, there are hundreds of network marketing companies just along the I15 Freeway.

So how do you choose the one that will work for you out of the huge variety of choices available?

First off, choose the type of product that you would most like to represent:  Personal Care, Home Care, Wellness Products, Family Care, Inspirational Products, or maybe even a company that offers Services rather than products such as utilities or greeting cards.

With all the companies out there, you should be able to find something that you can feel passionate about.

But you still have to be careful.  Just like not all businesses are created equally, neither are network marketing companies.

I sell Avon, and so that is what I’m going to talk about today. And while Avon is a fantastic company, there are many others out there that are too.

And as Robert Frost said, “I took the road less traveled and it made all the difference in the world.”

A network marketing opportunity such as Avon is that less-traveled road. And yes, there are people who negative about it.

Some people say, “Bad companies, bad products, bad people,” about the network marketing opportunity in general.

But, you know what?

It’s true. There are bad companies, bad business, bad products, and bad people in any business model, whether it’s small business, corporations, or even network marketing.

But many times that’s just a generality given by people who weren’t successful, or who knew someone who wasn’t successful.

But you can’t blame network marketing for people who have failed in their life and then want to say, “Oh, I got duped into getting into a network marketing company and it wasn’t all I promised.”

And yes, there are people who promise get rick quick schemes in every facet of life. Don’t let that deter you, because the network marketing business model is one of the best business models out there.

It’s low cost, low risk, and it can scale as large as you want it to.

I sort of fell into my Avon business. When I joined Avon 18 years ago, I had no intention of building a big business. My husband, Richard, and I had great jobs already. But then we saw the opportunity we had in our hands. Once we got serious about selling Avon, it wasn’t long before we were able to quit our jobs and have a freedom we never even thought was possible. You can read our story here.

So let’s look at what you want to look for when deciding which company to choose.

1 – Is the company solid, and with integrity?  Is it a quality product that’s going to be around for a while?

Those are important questions to ask and the answers are important.  I would suggest you spend some time and research the company and the product to be sure it fits with your values, and that it’s got great potential for your business.

Avon has a rich history of empowering women around the world to live life on their own terms.  Since 1886, women have been selling Avon as a way to give them the opportunities not available elsewhere.

Before women even had the right to vote, Avon’s founder, David McConnell, pioneered a new kind of selling that gave them the power to run their own businesses and earn their own money.

Avon has been around for more than 130 years. We’re still going strong, still helping people become financially free, and we’re not going anywhere.

Very few companies have been successful for so long, so Avon is obviously doing something right! 🙂

2 – Are the products relevant and reasonably priced?

You can’t build long-term residual income if the product or service only has short-term appeal. Always think long term. The product or service must appeal to your customers beyond today.

There is no doubt that the cosmetic industry is certainly one of the most profitable businesses today, and so combining direct selling with cosmetics promises a huge potential for success.

Cosmetics are a consumable product, meaning the products are used up and need to be reordered, which offers larger income potential than other products in the direct sales market.

The health and wellness category, for example, tends to perform well. With Avon’s Espira product line, they have a strong hold in this category as well.

Avon products are top quality products at value prices. They are products that people use every day. Since Avon has products that appeal to both men and women, there is also a larger demographic for our products.

Many other companies have great products as well. But take a look at their pricing and name recognition. No other company has the quality products at value prices that Avon has.

And I don’t believe any company has the name recognition of Avon. In fact, around the world, 9 out of 10 women know Avon.

3 – Is there any money in it?

Very good question!  There’s not much point if you can’t make money, right?  Look at what the others in the company are doing.  If at least one person is making good money, then you know that you can too.  But you’ll want to see that many people are successful.

Many Avon Representatives earn over six-figures with Avon.

As a new Representative, you will earn 25% on Beauty Products and 20% on Fashion & Home products.  There is also a Pathway to Premier Program, which, if followed, will help you earn $3,250 within your first 8 campaigns.

There are also many people who sell Avon and don’t make money, but that is their choice.

With Avon, you get to choose how much money you want to earn. Sell a little Avon and earn a little money… sell a lot of Avon and make a lot… it’s really that simple!

4 – Can I do it?

Well that’s probably the most important of all!  If you haven’t had a lot of experience in the type of business you’re looking at, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a solid team who will be there to guide you all the way.  You’ll want to be sure there is a Simple System in place that you can plug people into to grow your business.  The better that system is, the greater your chance for success.

When you join Avon under our team, we already have a simple system in place to help you get started and making money right away.  We believe that the key to success is to have a system in place so that anyone who joins our Avon team can participate in and that will help him or her build a strong business.

One of the benefits of joining our team, is we will Host a Facebook Party for YOU to LAUNCH your Avon business.

It’s really pretty simple really… We will do all the work, and you invite everyone you know to attend. And you’ll earn 40% of the sales right away!

We will promote YOU as a new business owner, and we will help you get new customers and maybe even recruits.

Your launch party is where you’re going to get your very first customers and sales, and maybe even some new team members. It will be the springboard towards growing a wonderful Avon business.

Your Avon business is going to take effort.  Nothing is free in today’s world.  But we teach you how to automate the basic tasks, which leaves you free to build your business.

Just imagine what would happen to your Avon business success if you have powerful systems – both online and offline – to help you achieve success and that you can share instantly to your new team members to help them achieve that same success!

Everyday, Avon brings beauty to the lives of women all over the world.

At Avon, beauty means finding the right lipstick shade for a customer; providing an earnings opportunity so a woman can support her family; and enabling a woman to get her first mammogram. Beauty is about women looking and feeling their best. It’s about championing economic empowerment and improving the lives of women around the world.

Ready to get started to Sell Avon??? Just Click Here, fill out a short application, pay your signup fee, choose your Free Gift Bundle, and just like that you’ll be ready to go!

Can I Work With More Than One Company?

Some people want to represent more than one company because that gives them the feeling that they have more to offer, and that is definitely your choice.  But I strongly suggest not doing this.

First off, it forces you to divide your time between two product lines.  You’ll need time to learn the products and the way each company works and how to best support your team members in each company.

Sometimes, you may run into conflicts where two companies are hosting an event on the same day.

Even if you can work out the time issues, having more than one company can hurt your credibility.  New potential distributors may wonder if you’re really loyal to a company if you’re doing more than one, and may wonder if you’ll be really committed to help them build a strong business.

In Conclusion…

Some companies, depending on the products and services they offer, generate money faster than others, especially if they have a unique product or service.  Be sure to understand what your earnings potential is (both long term and short term) with the company you choose!

Whether you decide to start an Avon Business, or choose another company, these are all good things to consider.  If your potential company has good answers for all the above questions, then it just might be the company for you!

<—— Did this article help you? If so, it would mean a lot to me if you would share it with others!!! And, share your comments below!  I would LOVE to know more about you and your thoughts on this subject!

Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Choosing the right company doesn’t guarantee success, but it does increase your odds. Ultimately, your success in network marketing is determined by what you do. It’s all about building a network of people all buying or using the products or services you’re selling. Your job is simple: Provide information about your business, answer questions and objections, make the sale, follow up, sponsor, train and support.

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