Why Do People Hate Network Marketers?

Why Do People Hate Network Marketers?

Why Do People Hate Network Marketers?

Do people really hate Network Marketing?… or is it Network Marketers that they struggle with?

If you take an objective look at Network Marketing, you’ll see that it represents leveraged income, self-development, pay for performance, residual income, and ultimately a life of FREEDOM!

Seriously… Who is turned off by any of that?

Actually, no one would be!  But many people are turned off by the people who are trying to sell Network Marketing, the Network Marketers themselves.

Why the Network Marketers?

Do you agree that these ideas are getting pretty old?

When after years of not hearing from someone, they call you to come to a ‘meeting’ so that they can introduce you to their new business.

You get invited to a party at their house and when you arrive there, you find out it’s a pitch-fest for their business ‘opportunity’.

When they schedule a meeting with you only to introduce you to their uber-successful millionaire friend who pressures you into joining this ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’.

They message you on Facebook to check out this new product that is changing lives and can make you money.  And even worse, when they send you a link without your permission.

It’s Exciting to Be a Network Marketer!

It’s easy to be really excited about your new MLM or Network Marketing business.

There’s no doubt in your mind that this is the very best thing out there, and you can “save the world!”

But be prepared, the world doesn’t want to be saved.  It’s similar to people who are religious and are out to save you – maybe you don’t want to be saved either.

The biggest problem new Network Marketers have is they tend to “throw up” on everyone.

They call up their friends and proceed to tell them why they “Have to Join My New Deal!”  They burn through their list in record time, alienating everyone as they go.

So How do You Be A Professional Network Marketer?

The key to being successful in Network Marketing is to let go of the outcome.

It’s OK that you are excited about your opportunity, but you need to let go of the idea that it is the answer to everyone’s dreams.

Instead, treat it like a business.

Don’t try to close everyone, or even push everyone to look at your opportunity.

It’s better to have an attitude of “I have something to show you that I think you’re really going to like.  But if you don’t want to see it, that’s OK too.”

You will run into people who already have preconceived ideas about MLM / Network Marketing, and that’s OK.

They don’t have to look.  They’re probably not who you’re looking for anyway.

Why would you want to drag someone along when there are plenty more who want to do it?  You just have to find them!

It’s Really a Sorting Process  

Start focusing on finding the people that are interested in changing their life, finding an MLM, or starting a home business.

If they’re interested in taking a look, great… give them a look.  If not, bless them and move on.

Once you find the right people, It’s VITALLY important to set the proper expectations for them when they get started.

If they know that 70-80% of the people they talk to will say NO initially, they will be better prepared and not fall victim to the negativity.

They also need to know how to use third-party tools when talking to people.  i.e: company presentation, DVD, audio CD, etc.

The tools help you to not “say too much” when talking to someone about your opportunity.  Instead, you can just say, “This DVD explains everything.”

You Can Be a Professional Network Marketer

The good thing is that you can actually be a Network Marketer that people don’t hate and don’t frown on.

…And if they do hate you it’s only because you’re rich.

I bet you can live with that!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. It’s OK that you are excited about your opportunity, but you need to let go of the idea that it is the answer to everyone’s dreams.



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Why Do People Hate Network Marketers?

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