Work From Home And Keep Your Kids Happy

Work From Home And Keep Your Kids Happy

Work From Home And Keep Your Kids Happy

Running a business at home has many challenges.  Doing so with children still living at home might be the biggest of those challenges.

You want to be a good mom, but you also must make a living, or at least contribute significantly to the family income.

There are no easy answers for mothers who want to work, but it is possible.  And a home business could be the best way for you to have both – income and time with your children.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best home/work life possible:

Have a work routine –

Start a routine as soon as you are able after your baby is born.  Even if you don’t have a business yet, spend time on personal things such as reading, computer time and phone time.  When your children grow up being used to you doing these types of things, they will be more likely to accept it as part of their day.  They accept what they’re used to.

Keep your work sessions short at first and extend them as your children get older and more self-sufficient.  Try to keep the same consistent hours every day.  Times like first thing in the morning or during naptime are great times for work related activities.

Plan activities that include your children immediately after your work times, which help them feel important.

Setup and use a voice mail system –

Install a business telephone with voice mail and a hold button.  Business phones need to be answered professionally, and your clients don’t want to hear you yelling at your children or hear them screaming in the background.  Even if you have to calmly explain to your child why they have to wait, you’ll want to put the call on hold before doing so.

Turn off the phone ringer while you are spending time with your children.  Let the calls go to voice mail.  Then you can return calls when your house is quiet and under control.

Be consistent –

Gentle rules are appropriate and necessary.  An infant’s needs must be met immediately, but even slightly older children need to know that you don’t always get what you want at the exact time you want it.

Make sure your business phone looks different than your home phone so when your children see that phone to your ear they will know not to interrupt you.  Before making a call, try to announce to the kids that you will be on the phone for a few minutes.  Please, no yelling or interruptions.

Create rules about what your children can and cannot touch in your office.  Let your children know ahead what they can and cannot do.  When your children know you mean business, they’ll be more likely to cooperate.

Let your children see you working –

Don’t lock yourself away.  Do the things that require quiet and complete concentration during naptime.  By integrating your business into your home life, you’ll be able to spend more time with your kids throughout the day.

Plan your work so that you can stop and start.  If your business requires daily deadlines or constant telephone conversations, you’ll want to enlist some childcare help.  But if you can take mini breaks to dress a doll, give a hug, or help start a new activity, your children will feel like you are accessible.  After all, isn’t being there to soothe a sick child or kiss a scraped knee the main reason you’re working from home?

Make your work area special –

Adding special things into your office can help keep a child occupied.  For instance, a playpen with toys that can only be played with in the office will keep them busy.  A desk, phone, and toy typewriter can make a preschooler feel special.  And a TV and DVD player with special programs that can only be viewed while you are at work can save the day.

Encourage supervised independence –

Set up your home so that your little ones can get their own drinks, make a sandwich, babysit for a younger sibling, or even wash some dishes – all under your watchful eye of course.  This will keep them busy, let them feel like they accomplished something and that you appreciate them, and you’ll be able to get more done.

Get out of the house –

Take your work with you to the park, playground, or even your back yard so that your children can play while you are still there to keep a watchful eye on them.  Cell phones and laptop computers can give you the freedom to work wherever you are and let you spend more time out with your kids.

Involve your children in your business –

As soon as your children are old enough, show them what you are doing and encourage their help and involvement.  As your children grow, they will learn how to do some of the tasks that you’re doing, as well as business principles that will help them throughout their lives.

When you have a success, let them celebrate it with you.  Let them choose a new toy, or go out and celebrate in a restaurant with you.  Helping them to feel like they are a part of your business goes a long way towards them wanting you to succeed in your business.

I hope these tips help you with the challenge of operating a successful home business while keeping your children happy.

It can be hard at times, but it can also give you the opportunity to meet your financial obligations AND be there to see your children grow up.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Don’t be afraid to let your children sit in your lap while you are working. It helps them to feel wanted and it helps them to be a part of your daily life. There are times when it is okay for them to be sitting in your lap while you work, and at other times you need them out of your lap. Don’t be afraid to tell them to get down and go play or read a book so that you can resume your work.

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