Working With Negative People

Working With Negative PeopleIt seems no matter where you are – at home, at work, in your business – you are always going to run into people who see the glass as half empty, nothing ever goes right, the grass is always greener is somebody else’s yard.

You’re working on your law of attraction and bringing love and gratitude into your life.  You’d rather not deal with these negative people.  They stomp on your mojo and can bring you down.  But it’s not always easy to move away from them, especially if they’re in your business.

So what can you do when someone else’s negative energy is encroaching on your personal space?

First thing… try a little humor.  You’d be surprised.  Many times, whining becomes a habit and people don’t even realize they are being negative until you point it out to them.  Sometimes a lighthearted joke about grouchiness being contagious can help them be more aware.

If humor doesn’t work, try killing them with kindness.  Negative people can suck the life out of you.  They also result in lots of lost money due to missed deadlines, time lost to complaining or gossiping, tardiness and leaving early, or other similar counterproductive actions.

Sometimes it helps to counter complaints with your own sunny forecasts about your business’ potential.  You can override your spouse’s gloomy outlook with happy chatter about upcoming weekend plans, etc.  Pointing out their negativity usually makes it worse, but ignoring it and putting on your happy face can sometimes make a difference.

When it comes to friendships, whiners and complainers are less harmful than you might think.  Sometimes we tend to use complaining as a way to get the conversation going.  We sometimes complain about mutual friends, our jobs, and even our families as a way to form a common bond that allows the conversation to flow.  You elicit a sympathetic response, and then move onto another subject.

On the other hand, then there are the friends who complain how bad their situation is, and when you give them a suggestion, they respond with a, “Well, yes but…”  These people don’t want a solution to their situation.  They’re just looking for a reason to whine.  This is where you want to steer the conversation back to happier grounds.  Don’t let yourself get caught up in their negativity.

Part of what determines how badly a whiner gets on your nerves has to do with the way you interpret his complaints.  You get to choose how you are going to react.  Work to shift your mindset from how this complaint affects you to how your actions are going to affect your day and your energy.

You have a choice.  How you handle the negative people in your life says as much about your personality as theirs.  Join them or rise above them.  Don’t let their attitude dictate yours.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  You can’t always control what happens in your life and in your business.  But you do have full control over how you react to those things.  Choose your thoughts, and you’ll choose success!

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