Choose a Different Set of Risks

Choose a Different Set of RisksWe’ve been talking a little about the Book, called you2 by Price Pritchett.  This tiny book contains 18 principles that can help you have a quantum leap your life.

Today I want to talk about his principle titled Choose a Different Set of Rules.

You are going to make some choices today.  You are going to some actions today.  Even if you decide, “I’m just going to stay in bed all day with the covers over my head”, well guess what… that’s a decision you made.  That’s the choice you made and the action you took.

You don’t get a choice not to create.  You are going to be creative.  It’s just a matter of what you create.

Whether you create by design or by default… because in the absence of an intelligent design before the screen of your mind, your mind will go to the default patterns of what you’ve already thought, what you’ve already chosen, what you’ve already believed, and what you’ve already done.

You and I don’t get to not create.  We only get to choose how conscious we are or how asleep we are to the power that’s moving through us every single moment.

So regarding this principle of Choose a Different Set of Risks, Price Pritchett says,

The risks hit you as rather apparent, and may be quite threatening, but you must stack them up against the hidden risks you accept when you decide to live with the status quo.

When you’re looking for your quantum leap, you know that it’s going to cost you.  Instead of being worried about what it is going to cost you, the better question is, “How much is it going to cost you not to?”

Truth is… if you were already doing what you wanted to do, you wouldn’t be looking for that quantum leap.  There is a whole list of things that you think are in your way.  What’s really in your way is not that list of things.  Those things are not your problem.  Your problem is your thinking about those things.

So what Price Pritchett is saying here is that we need to choose a different set of risks.  We’ve got to realize that the big risk is not in taking the action.  The big risk is in settling for the status quo.

And for this awareness, right now, what step would you take today?  What would you allow yourself?  What action… what would you do if you were choosing a different set of risks.  Because the risk to stay as is, is bigger than the risk to go ahead and try something new.

What new step could you take today?  Go ahead.  Just take at least one step!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  If you try to minimize your vulnerability by avoiding a new set of risks, you kill your chances for a quantum leap.

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