Make Your Move

Make Your MoveWe’ve been talking a little about the Book, called you2 by Price Pritchett.  This tiny book contains 18 principles that can help you have a quantum leap your life.

Today I want to talk about his principle titled Make your Move before you’re ready.

Price Pritchett says,

You’ll discover, once underway, that you know more than you know you know.

Don’t bog down in getting prepared for this.  Whatever else you need will come as you go.

A person could make a career out of laying the groundwork to do something really big.  Please understand – you don’t “prepare” for a quantum leap.  You make it, and then fine tune your approach.  You go for it, instead of forever getting ready, so you will be sure to get it right.  “Zero defects” is a hostile concept in the pursuit of you2.

First you act, then you frame out the details of your strategy.  Move on your dream… start… and let what happens help you develop a coherent game plan.  Mobility is the crucial element.  Strategy formation then evolves naturally out of your discovery process.  You’ll discover, once underway, that you know more than you know you know.  Just trust your instincts.

You have to have an idea of what the quantum leap looks like.  That’s why you have a vision.  And so, if I were going to make this… if I were going to allow this… what step would I take?  What would I do?  Then start doing what you know to do.

Don’t wait for it all to be figured out, or all the money to be there.  Just take the step that you can take with what you do have.  What can I do?  Take that step.  Make your move before you’re ready.

As Price Pritchett says,

“Getting Ready” is, quite frankly, a stalling tactic, an act of anxiety, a con game you’re working on yourself.

You are already positioned to escape to a higher plan of performance.  If you wait until you can get it perfect, you will never get it at all.

The time to start is now.

So what can you do with what you do have that will move you forward in your vision today?  First become aware of something you can do, and then… act before you’re ready.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  You’ll discover, once underway, that you know more than you know you know.

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