Rely on Unseen Forces

Rely on Unseen ForcesWe’ve been talking a little about the Book, called you2 by Price Pritchett.  This tiny book contains 18 principles that can help you have a quantum leap your life.

Today I want to talk about his principle titled Rely on the Unseen Forces.

Price Pritchett in his book you2 says,

Improving your performance by an order of magnitude – you2 – can sound unrealistic if you think of it as something you have to do all by yourself.

But you don’t

The good news is that when we realize that not only do we not have to, we actually can’t.  You can’t even breathe yourself.  You can’t make your heart beat – neither can I – by ourselves.  We’re connected to the presence and power… call it life… call it God… call it source… whatever you want…  But the point here is that whether we can see this presence and power, or not, doesn’t make it not real and doesn’t make it not here.

As we begin to build our awareness and open ourselves into a relationship with the invisible side of our own nature, all kinds of things start to happen in our lives.

We actually have the ability to not only make conscious contact, but to develop not only an awareness but a feeling for, and experience of, and lean into this.  What if you knew that the whole universe was conspiring for your good?  …Just waiting for you to release the resistance to what you would love to be and do with your life?

Price Pritchett says,

Absence of evidence is not evidence of their absence.  Think of an iceberg, where you see only the tip of what’s really there.  Just as real, though out of site, are invisible resources ready to make a profound difference in what you can achieve.  All you have to do is open up and let them in.

Quantum leaps are merely the process of using yourself and your world differently, thus allowing other possibilities that exist to actually materialize.  Your willingness to make a quantum leap is the enabler.

It might be easy to say, “Well I’m perfectly willing!”  But if those results are not happening, then some part of us is in resistance.  Some part of us has more agreement with the struggle then the freedom.

You don’t have to go looking for that agreement.  Just turn the volume up on your “willingness to.”  “Today I am going to rely on unseen forces.  I am going to practice opening my mind to the very possibility, and maybe perhaps even to the fact that my universe, this invisible presence – called God, Spirit, whatever you want – all of it is actually conspiring for my good.”

If you knew that, how would you live this day?  Go forth and live your life today this way.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  When you focus constantly on a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, and move toward it confidently, the unseen forces will rally to your support.  These unknowns, these invisible resources, are the most powerful factors available to assist you in making the quantum leap to you2.

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