Your Email List – Your Most Important Asset

Your Email List – Your Most Important Asset

Every Business Needs an Email Subscriber List!

Your list is your most important asset.  While it is possible to capture potential subscribers contact information manually, I would not suggest that.  Instead, it would be much more effective to automate it using a reliable program, called an autoresponder.

There are many service providers for building your list, ranging in price from a few dollars per month to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.  Keep in mind when deciding who to go with, that it’s not so important how large your list is now, but how large you want it to grow over time.

You may have heard that there is money in your list.  That’s true.  Once you’ve built a large list or people who know, like and trust you, it’s as easy as clicking a button, sending out an email, and you can make thousands off the sale of whatever you’re offering.

But the only way to make money from your list is to lay a solid foundation and build your opt-in subscriber list on an ongoing basis.  This is where marketing comes in.  You’ll need many different ways to get people on your list, but keep in mind there are good and not so good ways to build a list.

Not so good ways to build your email list – Don’t waste your time on these ways:

Buying lists – Buying a list is exactly what you’d think.  You purchase a list from a list broker.  The problem is, this is not very effective because the people on the list don’t know you.  They don’t like you, and they certainly don’t trust you.

Pay a company to send out massive email blasts – There are services out there that email your content to their list.  This generally isn’t a good idea because the reader isn’t interested in what you have, and you’re more likely to irritate them and lose them as a potential client.

Taking email addresses off of websites – and then adding them to your list without permission.  This is spamming and is against the law.

Meeting other business people and adding them – As you go out and get to know others and market your business, you’re going to meet a lot of people.  This still does not give you permission to add them to your list.  Instead, you need to give them your opt-in page and let them opt in themselves.  Adding them manually to your list without their permission is still spamming, and is still against the law.

You are better off focusing on building your list with people who want to be on your list.  Quality is much more important than quantity.  Focus on people who want your information and your list will be much more valuable as a result.

Here are some good ways to build your email list:

♦ Opt-in box on your website or blog.

♦  Landing page with a special offer if they opt-in to your list.

♦  Having a signature at the end of your email with a link to your opt-in box.

♦  Links to your opt-in box on your various social media profiles.  Facebook, Linked-In, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and other social online networks have become an integrated part of the Internet.  To get the most out of your efforts, concentrate on providing value with your posts, and only ask for opt-ins or sales periodically.

♦  Resource box at the end of an article you’ve published with a link to your opt-in box.

♦  Blog posts with a link leading to your opt-in box.  Be sure to have an opt-in box on every page of your blog and website.

♦  Your signature file on forum postings with a link to your opt-in box – only where permissible by the forum.

♦  Teleseminars and webinars that participants need to opt in for.

♦  Live presentations where you pass around a form they can write in their information if they want to opt-in to your email list.  Just be sure they know they are opting in to your emails list by filling out the form.

As you’ve seen, there are lots of ways to gain visibility and to build your subscriber list.  Be sure to do something every day to increase your exposure and to build your list.

The great thing about online marketing is you can put systems in place that will allow you to build your list 24/7.  Imagine what your business would look like if you had a list of people who purchased each and every time you sold something.  Of course, not everyone will purchase from you every time, but if even a small portion of them became repeat customers, you could make a great living.

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s.  Whether you want a day off to head to the beach or a month off for a life-changing adventure, your autoresponder is back home taking care of business.

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